5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Online


Your customers are shopping from anywhere they have an Internet connection. They are also looking for ways to get products for the best price possible
from a trustworthy online store. Last year, eCommerce sales made up approximately 8.3 percent of all retail sales. Use these tactics to draw attention to your online store.

Customize Your Product Listings

Customize Your Product Listings


In 7cart, there are multiple ways to customize your product listings. Start off by uploading a clear image of your product (you can use custom images instead
of managed content if you so choose). Buyers might want to see photos of your products from multiple angles before making a purchase. To change your
image, simply search for the product by its item number. Then hit the pencil button to edit the product. Once you are in the edit product screen, select
“images & display.” Under “Edit Product,” you can upload small, medium, and large images.

Customize Product Listings


When creating your product descriptions, keep your customers in mind. While it is important to have your products rank for SEO, your users won’t buy a
product unless there is a clear title and description of what the product is and what features it has. 7cart also allows our customers the ability
to change their title tags and meta descriptions instead of using the copy provided via managed content services.

Draw Customers Attention with Offers

Customers are looking for the best offer possible. Which offer is best for you to promote, however, comes down to your customer base. Are they looking
for free shipping? Are they looking to get a recommended product with the purchase of another? These are some questions you should ask when creating an
offer for your customers.


7cart makes it easy to create a variety of offers, including buy one, get one promotions, free shipping on certain categories within your site, and promotional
items when customers spend over a certain amount – just to name a few. Login to your site and go to your admin page.  Under marketing, select
Offers from the drop down menu. Each offer in 7cart can also be set to work for a limited time as well.

Up Sell & Cross Sell

7cart makes it easy to up sell or cross sell other products. Let’s say your customer is looking for a new printer. Upselling other printers will allow
customers to see upgraded versions of the printer they are looking at. Select the product you’re looking to add an up sell to. On the right side of your
screen, select Up Sells/Cross Sells. 



You can then search for the item you want to upsell by it’s SKU number, then simply hit the add button to have it added. Create a description (if needed)
for the item you are up selling, and you are set.

Cross selling in 7cart is just as simple. Follow the instructions above and select products that you think the customer would need to go along with the
product they are searching for. Once again, 7cart allows our customer the ability to customize these offers instead of relying on managed content.

Have Testimonials

Consumers are looking for retailers that offer great customer service and have a good reputation. 80 percent of consumers will change their mind about their purchase based on negative information they discover online. Establishing
your credibility as an online retailer is the main goal of a testimonial. A strong testimonial should include an issue the customer faced, and how your
company was able to resolve it. This testimonial should also come from customers who have ordered from you multiple times and can explain your business’


Consider using third party review services, which can also help your SEO efforts, such as ResellerRatings and Trust Pilot.

Be Mobile Friendly

Smartphones and tablets are now primary sources of online shopping for consumers. Almost 78 percent of mobile searches for a local business result in a purchase. Mobile matters now more than ever to generate sales.  


7cart allows online retailers to go mobile without additional fees. Customers will be presented a responsive layout without going to a different URL and will have an option to use the desktop
version on any device.

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