5 Ecommerce Tips for Selling During Back to School Season

Back to school shopping season presents a unique opportunity for eCommerce retailers to attract prospective customers.  The National Retail Federation estimated that shoppers spent approximately $75 billion on back to school shopping in 2014 – this
is an astronomical amount of money and unique opportunity for ecommerce retailers to generate revenue! Online shoppers are savvy and can easily conduct
research within minutes before making an online purchase. It is important during this shopping season to remain competitive and engage with your customers
online. Below are 5 eCommerce selling tips that can help your company succeed online during the back to school season.

Mobile Friendliness

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, 61 percent of customers leave a site if it is not mobile friendly. In today’s ecommerce world, it is critical to tailor
your website and shopping experience to mobile users. Deloitte also reports that 80 percent of consumers plan to use their digital devices in the back-to-school
shopping process, an increase of six percent from 2014. The usage of laptops and PCs are steadily declining during back to school season. Ecommerce
retailers must ensure that their mobile websites are user-friendly and intuitive to evolve with the growing mobile trends. Is your website mobile friendly?

Coupons and Discounts

Come up with creative coupons and discounts to attract prospective customers. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ecommerce retailers, all participating
in the back to school shopping season – what distinguishes your brand from all the others? Consumers in today’s online shopping climate have many options,
which give them the power of choice; consequently, retailers must attract them to the best of their abilities. They can easily conduct their own research
online, and within minutes find what outlet has the best price available. Engage your customers with discounts such as “buy one get one free,” free
shipping or an offer such as $10 off a $50 order. These customers will not only shop on your website versus the competitors, but will be more likely
to be returning customers. Another tip is to post all of your coupons to online coupon sites such RetailMeNot or Coupon Vario. These sites are known to generate high volume and sales.


Reaching buyers during this opportune season is critical. If a customer visits your site and leaves without making a purchase, it would be advisable to
reach them with display ads. You can use Google Ad Words to remarket your website via ads shown within the Google display network. Through the use
of Facebook ads, you can redirect visitors back to your social media pages or website; additionally, you can segment the market and tell either advertising
platform the demographics of who you want to target. This will ensure that visitors will not forget your site and offerings. Parents will visit many
websites during back to school season before deciding where to shop, thus it is important to make them remember your site versus the numerous competitors.

Email Marketing Campaigns

By segmenting your potential and loyal customers, you will have a better idea of what drives their purchasing decisions. Take a look at your loyal customer
base and retarget to them based on their past purchasing behavior. There is no better tool than email marketing campaigns to alert them of back to
school promotions and sales. Send featured products, promotions and sales to make them remember your brand. Sometimes customers need a subtle reminder,
which will in turn, spark a new purchase.

Also, don’t forget about abandoned shopping carts. Approximately 68 percent of shoppers abandon their shopping carts for reasons such as researching competitor
pricing, loss of Internet, computer malfunction, or other distractions. Within the 7cart platform, you have the ability to see what registered users
have abandoned their cart recently. You can then remarket to them with email blasts to get them to return to your website and make purchases.

Tweak your Content Marketing Efforts

Post blog posts to your website and social media pages with content related to the back to school season. This does not necessarily have to only be product
spotlights, but rather social issues attached to going back to school such as stress of parents and children, general advice of how to succeed in school
and productivity and motivational pieces. Prospective customers will appreciate this information. You can subtly link out to products and your ecommerce
shopping site without being too aggressive. Also, create banners and landing pages on your website specifically for back to school season such as a
“back to school checklist” and featured products page.

Logicblock wishes all eCommerce retailers, parents and children good luck during this back to school season!

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