Your November Holiday Checklist

Like Barney on How I Met Your Mother says, “it’s time to suit up”!
Very soon, ecommerce shoppers will begin browsing around the Internet looking for great deals on presents. Naturally, you want your online store to be on the other end of those searches. But if you haven’t properly suited up, you may not be ready to get any sales at all, and miss out on all the fun… and profit!

Go over this checklist and see if your online store is missing anything. Ignoring just one of these items may send potential sales away and make your holidays, well, not so merry.

Highlight Specials

One of the few problems with the ecommerce holiday boom is getting lost in the shuffle. With so many shops trying to grab over $1 billion dollars of sales on Cyber Monday alone, some shops just naturally won’t get noticed.

Don’t let this happen to you! Insuring sales sometimes only takes offering things like free shipping or big coupons. But if your customers can’t see them, they don’t exist! Make sure everyone who visits your website can find your specials – the best idea is to have them one of the first visuals that pops up when the site loads.

Grammar and Spelling

Not much turns people off like a bad description of a product. This includes crazy spelling and messy grammar! It may not seem like much to you, but a few errors can make a big difference to someone reading your website.

This is especially true if a grammar error changes the meaning of what you’ve written. YOU know you wanted your product to be described as “shiny, fashionable, and awesome,” but when your readers read that it’s “shiny fishable AWSURM” they may not get the same idea.

If grammar and spelling aren’t your strong suits, don’t fret. Make sure to plug your text into a word processing program to see where the mistakes lie. Of course, this won’t catch everything, so you may want to get a friend or freelancer to look everything over. Better to be safe than “sari!”


Do you know what the big sellers are yet? Oh, you looked back in July for ideas? That was a good idea – but did you follow up? Things may have changed, and some big toy or other item may be just over the horizon. Heck, you may have a bunch of them in your warehouse. But if you didn’t know they were big seller potential, then the opportunity may be lost.

Always stay up on the current trends, up until the last minute. You may be super busy during the holidays, but you don’t want to find out in January you had a potential goldmine and forgot to open it to the public!

Now, it’s time to suit up!