Tips for Selling Commodities at Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner, and every boy and girl is looking for that fun and exciting product under their tree! But as you look around your online shop, you realize your products aren’t exactly what you would call exciting: office supplies!

Now, not all is lost. People NEED office supplies, it’s just that they don’t know they make great Christmas gifts. It’s true, they do! But how do you convince people of this fact and move your product this season? Since the traditional models probably won’t work, let’s look at some fun alternatives.

Why is bundling such a good idea? Because it serves multiple purposes. For one, a customer may see the bundle and realize they need at least one of those things. If you were selling it alone, said customer would probably head to Office Depot. Because the bundle is such a good deal, though, they end up grabbing it from your store instead.

Another reason why the bundle works so well is because it provides your customers an instant idea for presents. More than likely they’ll know a college student or small business owner who needs what you’re selling. And while it’s fun to get toys and movies, it’s always nice to know someone’s also looking out for your livelihood.

This is a good piece of advice for any ecommerce shop entering the holiday season, but it’s arguably more important for a shop that may go unnoticed otherwise. A simple redecoration for your store’s website can not only bring in the customers, it can lead them straight to the products you want to move off your virtual shelves.

One of the best practices to adopt is the “Christmas page” that links straight from the main page. All you need is a simple graphic pointing the way. Make it as holiday-themed or bright as you want, just make sure people can see it when they enter the website. If you’re offering any deals, like 25% off of so-and-so, include it on the graphic for more incentive.

Speaking of deals, nothing gets holiday shoppers in a tizzy like a good coupon or other discount! More and more ecommerce stores are offering free shipping during the final weeks of the shopping season. Get the jump on the game by offering it right after Thanksgiving – or even just after Halloween, if you’re daring!

Alternatively, you can add coupons to your office supply products. Suddenly, a boring box of notepads becomes an exciting buy. Try combining the bundling idea with a good coupon and you should have no problems bringing in the shoppers this winter!

If your products aren’t fascinating by themselves, then putting a bunch of them together could drum up some interest. For instance, in the above “office supply” example, you can create a “small biz owner bundle” that includes office software, printer paper, and folders. Or, you can make a “college kid bundle” with pencils, notebooks, and Blue Books.

What are some other ways you can think of to get shoppers excited about not-so-exciting products?