When Someone “Gets It”

I love when I explain to someone what we’re creating and they “get” it. What I mean by this is not even a minute into the conversation that person sees how the product would impact their life. Their eyes light up and and they talk more excitedly. They lean in the more you talk and smile during every word. That happened to me just a few days ago. A friend of mine asked me what this Logicblock thing was that I had been blogging and talking the past few months. I explained we have built and launched a product the Online Business Builder and that it was a great way to manage your site, post blogs, manage ecommerce, and reach out to your client base and maintain a simple CRM. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

My Friend: What is this Logicblock thing?
Me: Well our Online Business Builder is an all-in-one product that makes life
easier and business more profitable. We’re replacing 10+ tools that are
essential for internet businesses with one – that’s why life is easier.
My Friend: [an “interested” expression takes over her face] So what exactly are theses combined tools capable to do?

These are things like a Customer Relationship Management system,
Content Management, Email Marketing, Billing, Analytics and eCommerce!
My Friend: [an “a ha” expression takes over her face] So I can update my website without having to call someone and pay?
Me: Of course, you can change colors, images, content, the whole works super easily!
My Friend: Or I can send out mass emails, know my website statistics, manage billing and even online sales?
Me: Yeah you’ve pretty much got it.
My Friend: How in the world did you package all that together and sell it so inexpensively?!
Me: We’ve got a great team of individuals passionate about our clients and our products!

It gives us such a great feeling when we can explain to someone what we’re working on and they understand it quickly. I think that is one of the reasons we are all participating in this venture. We realize that there are other companies that “update sites” but no one “gets it” yet. No one has a great user experience with an application and we truly believe that our launch has changed the way people view this sector. We want to make a difference in the world. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from helping create a product that others instantly get excited about and discover how it directly and positively would improve some facet of their life.