Treat Yourself As A Client

We have wrapped up the process of designing a new website for ourselves. 
At first it was hard to gain momentum on it until we decided to treat
ourselves like a client and go through the normal process that we take
our clients through.

We have learned so much about what the process is like from a
client’s perspective and have begun to think about things a little bit
differently.  Some things have been great and some things need more
tweaking to make them better.

I know all business models are different, but if you haven’t yet,
you need to figure out how to treat yourself as a client.   The feedback
you can give yourself is valuable and often very constructive.  Who knows, you might find a little bug in your business or a more effective/efficient way to do something. 

If you sell a product, try going through your own ordering process – from picking our your product and buying it on your website to shipping it to yourself, and see the length and quality of the whole process.  After all, that’s what your end-customer sees.

If you are reading this and have ways in which we can improve our processes, please drop us a line.