Strategy and Design in Perfect Harmony

Here at Logicblock we always have our wheels turning.  I just saw a commercial for BP in which the whole point of the ad was to inform you that BP had spent around $95 million on solar energy development. This is your neighborhood gas station who you would think would be more interested in you buying a Hummer.

I found myself thinking hmm… BP is a really great guy!  He really cares about us and the earth. Then they wrapped up the commercial with the new BP logo. Then it dawned on me, this is so strategic.

A few years ago BP got everybody together and realized that cars weren’t always going to run on gasoline. And in fact, pretty soon people are going to freak over being “green” and become suddenly enthusiastic over saving mother earth. Not to mention, oil independence.

Just like we try to do, they decided to try to be ahead of the curve.

BP is strategically placing themselves in the forefront of your mind when it comes to progressive, clean, earth-friendly energy. In fact they’re counting on it by spending millions on solar energy development.

The first thing you do after a change of heart, you get a new face. Thus we have a new business identity built around the idea of a sun or flower, accompanied with lowercase “bp” to seem more undressed. And a clever little spin on their acronym, “Beyond Petroleum”.

That being said, take a look at your logo and see if your strategy and design are in perfect harmony.  Many times what you start with fits your ideologies at that point, but as businesses grow and change so should your marketing materials.  If you think it’s time to grow, contact us for custom web design.  We would be glad to sit down and figure out how to place deeper meaning and web strategy in your logo and site.