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Combine the power of Logicblock’s turn-key, hosted SaaS eCommerce platform with our wide range of complimentary services and integrations to get the solutions you need.

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"Not all eCommerce systems are created equal."

"Logicblock provides a unique hybrid SaaS/Custom eCommerce Solution combined."

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Best-of-Breed eCommerce Solutions

We combine the power of our top-rated ecommerce platform with a suite of complementing ecommerce services to provide world-class ecommerce solutions.

Through advice, design, development, and support of your ecommerce eco-system, we form long-term partnerships, allowing you to focus on sales, marketing, merchandising, and customer service.

eCommerce Platform

Logicblock's eCommerce platform is the feature packed enterprise-class platform that powers multichannel eCommerce and omni-channel solutions, handling any blend of brand, catalog, B2B, B2C, customization or integration requirements.

eCommerce Services

We provide a full range of professional eCommerce services, including built-in integrations, data migrations, consulting, design, development, system integrations, support, and more.

Complete Supplier Integration

No 3rd parties needed!  Logicblock has built in-house, direct integrations with a strong assortment of wholesalers, vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers across many verticals.

We help save time and money by loading and managing partner vendor catalogs, as well as the ability to electronically transmit orders (via EDI, XML, etc.), receive acknowledgements, and tracking information bidirectionally for fulfillment or other purposes.

Let us help you get integrated with your supplier base today!

Supplier Partners Include

Some of the industries we serve include Office Products, Medical Supplies, Office Furniture, Janitorial Supplies and more.

our Philosophy


We dedicate a substantial amount of time to understanding how your business works rather than just tossing you estimates and invoices for a website that will fall short of what your business truly needs.
We believe your success is shared with ours, so we want to make sure we give you our very best.

Support Is Our Top Priority

We take pride in providing responsive in-house support services that set us apart from the competition. We enhance the customer experience by dedicating teams to each deployment, project, and task, with a special emphasis on offering continuous support at no extra cost.

We Play Well With Others

Want to integrate with other services? Let's integrate! Logicblock can be the central hub to your best-of-breed eCommerce technology stack. We love integrating eCommerce and related solutions that benefit our customers. There is a plethora of already built-in third party partners and apps, But if yours isn't here, we are happy to get it connected.

Unlimited Seats

No licenses, seats, or limits. We strive to provide the same level of support and services, regardless of size. Unlimited admin users without limitations as your business grows.

No Contracts

Binding service contracts are a pain and you should not be committed to stay with a solution... WE are committed to providing you a solution. No contracts here.

Simple Pricing

We like keeping things simple. Flat monthly pricing. No menu of options. No seats/licenses. No transaction, hosting, support, or surprise fees.

Easy to Use

Gain full control over content areas and blocks effortlessly through an integrated content management and administration system, designed for non-technical users and as straightforward as writing an email, complete with user-friendly WYSIWYG editors.

Fully Hosted

Premium hosting services provided for our customers on superior hosting solutions included with ALL deployments. Enterprise and secure eCommerce, serviced & maintained.

Protected and Secured

For organizations concerned about the safety and security of hosting their data, systems or applications in the cloud, we provide peace of mind – all advantages over the traditional, on-premise solutions.


Constantly evolving with frequent new releases and rich features future proofing your investment. As we manage and develop the platform in-house, it can be molded to your exact requirements and designs.

eCommerce is in our DNA

7cart was born to be a fluid SaaS eCommerce platform. Our Best-of-Breed approach gives you the flexibility to use the best tools to suit your needs. We're always 100% focused on enhancing and adding to the solution.


Our experience has shown us that being transparent and honest about our capabilities and limitations is the best approach. We do not try to sell you solutions. We show you how our solution works.

In Any Vertical

Sell any type of product including:
Janitorial, Office, Medical, Industrial, Safety, Restaurant, Furniture, Ink & Toner, Technology, Clothing, Breakroom or Automotive products; If you sell it, we can support it.

No Risk, No Commitment, Free Trial

Try the cake before you purchase it. We create and launch a complete website for you even before you sign up. That means you get to experience our entire storefront, backend system, and extra features without any obligation, all to show you what we've got.

Apps & Integrations

Logicblock enables you to integrate & automate your business with thousands of built-in apps, allowing you to get more done in less time.

Leveraging these best of breed third party apps, you can customize and expand your eCommerce features and capabilities.

Everything from Analytics (including Google Analytics 4), Marketing Automation, Payment Gateways, Taxes, to Zapier.