BOX Partners

Full Catalog Management / Integration

All of the rich product and catalog content is loaded, managed, and maintained. The full catalog, along with your Costs, is maintained at least monthly.

  • Full E-Content Catalog –  richest catalog content available.
  • Guided/layered Navigation – drill down search by category, brand, price, attributes, etc.

Start selling BOX Partners

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Products and Catalog

Robust eCommerce solution with all of BOX Partners's richest catalog content available, directly from the source, imported, and maintained in-house.

EDI Ordering

Increase your efficiency and reduce errors by leveraging EDI ordering capabilities. Easily flow through the order fulfillment and purchasing process.

Additional Features

  • Customer Contract Pricing
  • Simple Price File Importing
  • Line-Item Sourcing for multiple vendors
  • Account Permissions
  • Product Lists
  • Favorites/Wishlist
  • Account Address Books
  • Quick Order Forms
  • Product Offers
  • Sales
  • and much more…