Clover Imaging

Full Catalog Management / Integration

All of the rich product and catalog content is loaded, managed, and maintained.   The full catalog, along with your Costs, is maintained at least monthly.

  • Full E-Content Catalog –  richest catalog content available.
  • Guided/layered Navigation – drill down search by category, brand, price, attributes, etc.
  • Costs – managed and maintained from your accounts

Start selling Clover Imaging

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Products and Catalog

Robust eCommerce solution with all of Clover Imaging's richest catalog content available, directly from the source, imported, and maintained in-house.

Inventory and Costs

All of Clover Imaging's product costs and inventory levels are kept up to date automatically as frequently as every hour.

EDI Ordering

Increase you efficiency and reduce errors by leveraging EDI ordering capabilities. Easily flow through the order fulfillment and purchasing process.

Additional Features

  • Customer Contract Pricing
  • Simple Price File Importing
  • Line-Item Sourcing for multiple vendors
  • Account Permissions
  • Product Lists
  • Favorites/Wishlist
  • Account Address Books
  • Quick Order Forms
  • Product Offers
  • Sales
  • and much more…