Signing Off

With the great Logicblock features in our Online Business Builder product like email campaigns, and additional customer and market tools you have it’s easy to see the power behind this way to communicate your brand.  Often we find users who attempt unique ways of “signing off” at the bottom of their communications.  These ways are the nice little party at the end of your email that say hi, hello, and thanks for reading my email.  While these little parties can be exciting to write they might not always be as effective as you wish.

Here are some suggestions to sign off with effectiveness:

1. Add a small logo to add color and life; we are talking about 100 pixels by maybe 20.

2. Make sure content is accurate as there is nothing worse than sending someone important your contact information and having your phone number be the local pizzeria.  Sure they might find another way to get a hold of you, but it shows that you’re sloppy.

3. Keep it simple no one wants to read deep quotes at the bottom of your email campaign, or read your mission statement.  Save those for personal face to face correspondences or sections on your website.

Clearly the only litmus test to verify the effectiveness is to actually send correspondance, and retain feedback. 

In the classic movie “Anchorman” Ron Burgundy (main character) says, “Keep it simple splashy.”  While I’m not exactly sure what the “splashy” reference is to, I do know that there is beauty and pure effectiveness in simplicity.