Seven Reasons Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support

It may seem crazy, but phone support is not all that it is cracked up to be. Forrester Research says that 42 percent of customers cannot solve issues over
the phone with customer service representatives, “due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications.” Here are a few
of the reasons why Logicblock chooses not to offer phone support. 

1) Online Support Saves Time

Not only does calling a 1-800 number waste your valuable time, it wastes employees’ time because they constantly need to answer phones. Having an online
ticket system allows us to handle everything online. For a complex problem where we would need to consult a developer, it would easily add 20 minutes
to a phone call.

2) Submitting Your Issue Is Simple

Submitting an issue via an online ticket allows us to more easily understand what your problem is and address it accordingly and in priority order. In
fact, it is almost always more simple to submit a question online than to pick up the phone, make a call and get to the right person. Think about all
the times you were transferred or had to listen to “options” to get where you needed to be (if in fact you ever got there). Not so simple, right?

3) Online Support Is More Secure

We already can see who you are and what services you have. This eliminates the need to go through a whole verification process before getting to your issue.

4) Tools to Help You

It would be tough to provide multiple lines of code over the phone. Logicblock has multiple tools to better serve you. You can send screenshots of where
you are facing issues, or you can record a video of usability issues that your site is facing. Once again, allowing us to get to the heart if the issue
more quickly. We also offer online tutorials that help you learn how to use the many features of our system quickly. They are there for you at any
time to reference.

5) Keeps Your Costs Down

The 7cart eCommerce platform is one of the most robust and flexible systems on the market today, and we are able to offer it to you at a very affordable
monthly cost. A large part of why we are able to do so is because of our “online-only” support system. This allows us to manage our resource costs
and the time we spend handling issues, questions or suggestions. Ultimately passing those savings on to you!

6) Accountability

We keep a record of all communication exchanges, so nothing “falls through the cracks.” Our system also allows us to see the requests that you make. Even
if you ask us to delete something or make any changes to your eCommerce site, we have a record of it that we can always refer to.

7) Reference Old Tickets

Repeat questions are no longer needed.  By using an online ticket system, you can always go back into your ticket history and see how to fix the issue
you are having.

All of these reasons above help make online support services easier for our customers.

Check out our online support site and see for yourself!