Partner Spotlight: Avalara

We at Logicblock value our strategic partnerships and believe they bring many added benefits to our customers.
In this blog post we would like to profile our partner Avalara, experts in tax integration.

Strategic Partnership

This partnership has produced positive benefits for both parties.
Our customers utilize Avalara’s tax capabilities to automatically calculate the final sales tax amount on every invoice. This intuitive and user friendly
software eliminates the tedious and unnecessary task of calculating taxes across multiple states; in turn, these companies can focus more on their
core business operations. Also, the complicated tax regulations are always changing which can lead to stress for payroll personnel. This partnership
gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve. Our central focus has always been helping our valued customers run their businesses more effectively
and efficiently and this partnership achieves just that!

About Avalara

Avalara was founded in 2004 with the purpose of simplifying the transactional tax process for all types and sizes of businesses.  Today, they have
tens of thousands of customers located around the world and hundreds of specialized partners. Avalara’s offering is sales tax automation software that
helps companies achieve tax compliance in the sales taxes, VAT, excise tax and other indirect tax areas.  The software is cloud-hosted and SaaS
(or software-as-a-software) solution that helps streamline the complicated tax process. It is also works within your financial, billing, ecommerce
or point of sale platform. The software is pre-certified to integrate with various accounting platforms, making it compatible enough to be a viable,
affordable and attractive solution for all types of businesses.

Avalara is a privately owned company based in Bainbridge Island, Washington. There are seven domestic locations and international headquarters in England
and India. Some of their corporate clients include Life Is Good, Crocs and Northern Tools and Equipment.

Here are some of the software’s key features:

  • Rate Determination: Utilizes geo-targeted location to deliver accurate tax regulations for that specific area
  • Reporting: Simple to generate tax reports within seconds for your every need
  • Product Taxability: Automatically saves and updates thousands of product tax regulations so your tax figures are always accurate

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