How to Run Contests & Giveaways That Get You Fantastic Promotion

Promoting Your Business Through Giveaways

One of the simple facts of life is that people like to get free stuff, especially when the things being given away are of relatively good quality. Online sellers have caught wind of this, and have learned to use contests and giveaways to promote their businesses. Giveaways can drum up a lot of attention for your business, so long as you manage them responsibly. Learn how to create a successful giveaway that will get your company some good promotion.

Defining Your Goals

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Any seller that is setting up a contest or giveaway is trying to accomplish something specific, so it is important to lay out the goals you want to meet ahead of time. Are you trying to get more people to subscribe to your email list? Or are you trying to get more followers on a specific social media platform, like Instagram? List out all of the goals you want to meet so you have a reference to go off.

By setting these goals early on, it will be easier to figure out how you need to handle your giveaway. For example, if one of your goals is to build up followers on Facebook, you now know that most of the promotion for your giveaway should be handled on that platform.

Going into the planning process without defined goals can lead to you attracting the attention of people who have no interest in buying your wares.

Selecting the Right Prize

Giving a Gift

When it comes to setting up a giveaway, a critical task is selecting the right prize to give away. The prize is what people are after, so you need to make sure you select it before you move forward in the planning process. Since you are trying to drum up attention for your business, you want to give away something special that catches the interest of consumers and is hard to find elsewhere.

Gift cards are always a reliable prize since people enjoy discounts, but they might not be special enough to catch the interest of a wide range of people. One of your best options is giving away a limited edition version of a product on your site that people have high interest in. Since people cannot get this special item from other sellers, they will be inclined to sign up for a chance to win it.

Setting Things Up

Once you have prizes selected, it is time to actually set up your giveaway. To make things easier for yourself, there are several tools you can use online to create the giveaway. There are a number of tools to use, including ShortStack, Rafflecopter, and more.

Gleam is one of the most popular giveaway tools, since it allows people to enter competitions multiple times using different social media platforms. By using it, you can attract people from across different social media channels, while also giving each of your accounts more exposure. Make sure you set a fair duration for the giveaway so people have enough time to enter.

Marketing Your Giveaway

After setting up your giveaway, you need to create a strong marketing campaign so you can entice people to join it. After all, people will not join in if they do not know a giveaway is even going on in the first place. In order to maintain consumer interest, you must consistently market the giveaway throughout its duration.

Spread ads through your social media platforms and email lists so you can entice people to enter. Make sure you give people an opportunity to subscribe to your email list you can give them info about your products and updates for the giveaway. Do not forget to use sponsored ads on social media to attract people outside your current customer base.

Finally, make sure you make it clear when the giveaway ends, so people know how much time is left to join.

Partner with Effective Influencers


Even with your best efforts, your marketing campaign alone might not be enough to pull in a large number of consumers. This is why you should work with partners and influencers who can spread the word about your contest or giveaway. Over the course of your career you have probably built partnerships with people who can reach out to tons of people; you should put those partnerships to work.

Talk with your partners, and see if any of them focus on an audience that you would like to draw in. You should also consider doing research online to see if there are any influencers who would be in interested in working with your brand. With the help of partners and influencers, your giveaway will gain a lot more traction online, and you will generate many more leads.

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