The eCommerce Holiday 2021 Season

With the 2021 Holiday Season swiftly approaching, many eCommerce clients are wondering how to monetize the growth we’ve seen across the board from the last 20 months. US Holiday sales are expected to grow 8.5-10.5% in 2021, accelerating the normal 4.4% growth we’ve seen around the holidays in previous years. All despite supply chain issues, cabin fever settling in, and a diminished workforce. 

Increased Sales

Source: Google

Even since the first quarter of 2021, eCommerce sales have increased 7.6%, with an expected growth rate of 13.7% by the end of 2021. This is notable because not only have both suppliers and customers had to deal with supply chain issues, but also with a diminished workforce across the country. With fewer employees comes lower inventory and because of lower inventory, some suppliers have had to shift focus. They are focusing more on quality than quantity than ever before. This is one of the many factors that has allowed for such exceptional growth.  

Consistency & Reliability 

Consumers have stated that throughout the past 20 months, consistency and reliability mean more to them than ever before. Quality products received in a timely manner in good condition can be worth their weight in gold to the consumer.  

Free or Discounted Shipping

When it comes to the holidays, purchasing and fulfillment are time sensitive. Due to supply chain issues, many eCommerce clients have decided to ease the customers burdens by providing either free or discounted shipping options. This can help keep customers and clients loyal for many years after.  

Integrated Shopping

Social media shopping has become part of our normality, and targeted ads, especially around the holidays, are great influencers. The more we see the product, the more likely we are to purchase it. By monetizing this relatively new technology, eCommerce clients can stay on trend and have faster access to analytics for sales and growth opportunities.  

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