How Storing User Data Streamlines Your Business

One of the more intuitive features of Logicblock is storing user data from previous customers. Once someone visits your shop and orders an item, their name, address, email, and other info is all stored in our system for the next time they visit.

While this sounds “neat”, does this actually provide a real service to your customers and to your business? What can you use this information for? In fact, there are several good reasons why you should use your customers’ data to streamline your business – here’s how.

Faster Orders

Saving customer information doesn’t just help you – it helps your customers as well. No doubt when you’ve gone to other websites like Amazon you’ve enjoyed how fast you can check out. Some websites even have 1-Click checkout services that let you breeze through the process so you can get back to whatever else you have to do instead of spending all day entering your info again.

This process lets your customers order faster, saving them time…and it also helps your bottom line when they have time to order more! If your customer doesn’t have to jump through any hoops to order, they’ll come back to you when they have to order anything you have to offer, even if the price is a bit more.

Discounts and Promotions

You like your customers and want to keep them around. Sometimes that requires a healthy discount or a promotion to pique their interest. It shows you’re willing to do what it takes to keep their business and, if you tailor the promotions, are actively paying attention to what they like. Personal touches like this can really give you an advantage over your competitors.

Needless to say, storing their information is a vital part of this. Storing emails for promotional emails or even casual follow-ups after a sale can bring in repeat business with very little effort on your part.

You can also use their other info to make the discounts and promotional emails better. For example, if you see a large portion of your audience is from Colorado, you can email them about your new “Colorado discount,” making the promotion seem that much more personal.

Learning Your Customers

Knowing the people you’re doing business with can give you a real heads-up on where your business should head in the future. Keeping track of stored info isn’t just for pure business prospects and quick sales – it can show you what your business is capable of.

Using the above Colorado example, would you have ever known about all those Rockies-based customers if you hadn’t tracked your customers? Probably not, which means you wouldn’t have known about the great opportunities that were right in front of your face, costing you business.

All of this comes from looking at simple data. If you store more and notice further patterns you can create even better opportunities in the future. For example, if you notice one customer is a repeat buyer, you can take a closer look at their buying habits to see if there’s any pattern to take away you can use for the rest of your customers. Maybe there’s a hot item you had no idea would sell like hotcakes you could focus on from now on?