eCommerce Tip: Allow Your Customers to Comparison Shop

If you’ve been selling online at all for some time you know how much more fun it is to sell a bunch of items rather than just one. Who out there hasn’t jumped for joy upon seeing you just moved 10 items rather than just one?

Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened all the time? Even if you’ve been selling online for some time, you may have been accidentally pitting your products against each other instead of letting them work together. Here’s how to stop doing that, and increase your profits, too!


Think of your average trip to a store. As soon as you walk in you’re surrounded by merchandise – displays everywhere showing off the most exciting stuff the store has to offer or items they think will move with quickness. A well-merchandized store will have products prettily arranged on shelves, end-caps, and everywhere else your eyes naturally travel.

These exciting displays are why you go to a grocery store for milk and end up walking out with a whole bag full of stuff you may or may not need. The displayed items are just too enticing and you end up wondering if you could actually live without them.

Now compare this to your average ecommerce website. When you first click in, you see the item you’re looking for;and that’s it. There are no displays showing you what other awesome stuff you could buy while you’re there, or an end-cap to walk by and see what’s hot and new. You buy the item (maybe) and leave while barely seeing any of the website.

Cross Promotion

Now head over to big websites like Amazon and eBay. They figured it out a while ago – give people lots of options and they’ll buy more. When you click on a gardening book you’re interested in you see other books, gardening tools, and even cute signs declaring your love of gardening. You don’t just buy the book and leave as there are “displays” everywhere.

This shows the importance of cross-promotion. Logicblock lets you set up your ecommerce website to promote many different items at once. Instead of your customers just buying something from you and leaving, they’ll see other items they’re interested in and at least check them out. They’ll come for the milk and stay for the artisan bread, candy bars, and discount coffee creamer.

It’s not just about cross-promotion, either. Comparison shopping – within your site – allows customers to feel like they’re getting a choice. For example, if you have many Christmas tree coffee cups available, a customer clicking on one could see them all at once and choose the perfect fit for their morning java.

The best thing about this is they may not be aware you offer as many products as you do. By showing them competing items you show them just how big your store is instead of accidentally restricting their access. This could inspire them to poke around more and continue their shopping experience, giving you even more sales to cheer about!