8 Great Blogs for eCommerce Sellers

Whether you run a small resale shop on eBay or have started your own ecommerce empire, there’s a blog out there for you with tips, advice and commiseration from sellers just like you.

There are blogs that we, at Logicblock, read on a regular basis to keep up with what would be best for our ecommerce customers. Here are 8 of our favorites:

Exciting Commerce

Exciting Commerce is like the Wall Street Journal or Business Chronicle of ecommerce. Find news, rumors and a healthy dose of “state of the industry” commentary on this long-running blog.

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The Shop.org Blog

Shop.org is the world’s leading membership community on digital retail, but you don’t even have to be a member to glean plenty of insight from the Shop.org blog. This organization’s research is second to none.

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The eCommerce Times

A newspaper-style blog, the eCommerce Times releases a new edition daily, and also keeps busy readers up to date with a free newsletter. The tech-oriented ecommerce seller will especially benefit from keeping this blog in their feed reader.

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Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce focuses on education and insights – everything from the basics to advanced analytics – for the ecommerce seller.

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Get Elastic

A consistently top-rated eCommerce blog, Get Elastic offers consistently unique ecommerce insights from editor Linda Bustos.

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Ecommerce Journal

This news-style ecommerce blog is focused on money trends. The bottom line focused ecommerce exec would be well served to keep the Ecommerce Journal handy.

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ColderICE Internet Commerce Education

Slightly different from the other blogs on this list, ColderICE is the work of one man, John Lawson, who offers video insights about ecommerce in his unique personal style. Stop here for straight talk about ecommerce news.

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Retail, in the eyes of the everyday consumer

The final blog on our list is a little different.  Sure its great to read tips, advice and news from experts in the industry, but whose voice is missing there? Oh yes, the customer! Retail, in the eyes of the everyday consumer bring that missing voice to retail and ecommerce blogs.

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