Why You Should Add a Top Items List to Your Store

One of the more overlooked features of Logicblock is the ability to make a “Popular Items” list on your site. This option gives you the ability to list certain items in a Product Grid to show off products you think will stand out to your customers.

It seems like a simple thing, but lists like these do quite a bit. They can help round out the experience of going on your store and buying an item and increase sales in surprising ways. If you’ve never thought about this option before, here are several reasons why you should consider adding it.

Customers Like Suggestions

You’ve probably heard of “analysis paralysis.” There are too many options ahead of you, such as down the aisles of the grocery store, and you just can’t make a decision. Sometimes you end up walking away.

When you’re standing in front of, say, a giant wall of peanut butter options, it’d be nice to have a suggestion or two. While you might not necessarily agree, it helps you make a decision. A top items list might help you figure out which peanut butter you want.

The same goes for your customers. They want to buy your stuff, but they just aren’t sure if they really need it or not. A list called “Popular Items” or “Monthly Specials” at least narrows down the options and gives them a nudge.

Show Off Items You Think Will Take Off

Every business owner has that item that they know will blow up if people only knew about it. It could be a variation on an already popular item or just a hidden gem that just can’t seem to get any love. Whatever the case, it’s languishing in obscurity.

By creating a Product Grid and putting it on the front page of your website, you can give this little noticed item the attention you feel it truly deserves. One tip to give it real notice is to surround it with items that are already actually popular. When it’s surrounded by items customers already love, they’ll assume they’re missing out on a huge deal with your new hot item.

Also, sometimes certain products fall by the wayside. Once-popular items can disappear off the public’s radar for no reason even though you know they’re still hot. A list of “All Time Popular Products” could recharge sales.

Opens Up New Worlds

You don’t typically fall in love with stuff you’re familiar with. Falling in love with a new brand or product usually comes with an element of surprise. For example, you never knew you loved German expressionist films until you stumbled upon Cabinet of Dr. Caligari one sleepless night. After that magical experience you just couldn’t get enough.

Recommended item lists can do this for your customers. They weren’t expecting to fall in love with a brand new line of soap that you sell, but they saw it on a “Top New Items” list you made. Now, they can’t get enough – plus, they associate this love with your store. This means when they want more soap, they go to you.

And that’s the essence of these lists. You love these items and want to show them off. Whether or not people agree is irrelevant – just getting your voice out there is fun and part of the whole experience. The fact it could lead to more sales for you is icing on the cake.