Redoing Your Site for Fall

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re right smack in the middle of the “summer slump.” For whatever reason your regular customers have more or less vanished as they went on vacation or otherwise just aren’t buying your stuff. It happens to many eCommerce businesses every single year

While this is going on, you’re probably thinking of ways to improve your business for fall when people are in a “buying mood” again. This is the perfect time to try something new since you’ll have a little extra time on your hands

One great idea is to try and imagine what your site would look like with a redesign. Considering how busy autumn and winter get with various holidays and events, a brand new look could reinvigorate your business


One aspect to look at when thinking of a redesign for your site is how efficient it is for customers. How long does it take your customers to go from clicking on your store to checking out? If you’ve set up arbitrary and frustrating blocks in their way, it’s time to change those

This efficiency doesn’t just work for your store’s clicking process. Take a look at all your descriptions and pictures for all your products. How complicated is everything? Is your copy ridiculously overdone and confusing? Are your pictures muddied and hard to see?

If so, this is a great time to redo them. Shorten descriptions down to the simplest, most efficient possible form. See if you can condense everything down to one sentence or even a series of buzzwords that will bring people in

Shifting Around

A fresh coat of paint always does wonders. Just taking the time to shift a room around and put up a new color makes it look like you live or work in an entirely different place. It gives you a feeling of starting over and that you’re able to try all sorts of fun new things

So don’t be afraid to try and totally redesign your site. Undoubtedly you found a great design when you first opened your store and were really happy with it. However, something can always be improved. Your background images could be crisper, your products could be easier to find, your sale items could be simpler to grab

Try out a few new ideas and see how they work out. Even the simplest redesign (like a new color scheme) could bring success. Of course, there’s something to be said for the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If enough of your customers complain, consider going back to the old design

Let Our Designers Do It

Don’t actually have time for a redesign as your sales haven’t really slipped or you still have a million things to do? No problem, this is precisely why you signed up with Logicblock (right?)! We have an entire team of professionals who can customize your site in the best way you see fit

This lets you customize your site according to your specifications with little work on your end. This way you can keep working and growing your business while we do all the work for you. Plus, you might be able to weed out potential problems that could come up later on like broken links and other issues

When is the last time you gave your eCommerce site an overhaul?