It’s the Holidays, Time for Your Business to… Relax?

You’ve no doubt been bombarded with countless blog posts about how you need to get your business and/or website in order before it’s too late. “You’re bleeding money!” they all scream, insisting that you stop reading right then and immediately tend to your dying business.

But let’s take a moment and look at the big picture. Is your company really about to go under if you don’t add a dedicated “Christmas” section to your website? If you don’t offer free shipping, will you really be out on the street in a matter of weeks?

Probably not.

So at Logicblock, we’d like to talk about something you should really be doing this holiday season – relaxing! Not resting on your laurels by any means, but getting all worked up might actually cause more problems than it fixes.

Black Friday Myth

You know that old saying that the term “Black Friday” came from the fact retailers only make a real profit on that day, therefore they are “in the black?” Naturally, that’s a myth, as stores would never be able to stay open if that was true.

Like that “fact,” there are many other things stated that have become common in our culture that simply may not be real. We’re not going to pretend that there isn’t money to be made during the holidays, as online sales on Black Friday this year were the biggest in history.

But historically, the Saturday before Christmas is the biggest moneymaker for retailers. That doesn’t really impact online retailers, as orders would never reach customers in time. So throughout the rest of the season, people will order from you or they won’t. If you can get their order to them quickly and promise a good rate, you’ll be fine.

So I Shouldn’t Sell?

No, let’s not get crazy! You definitely need to put yourself out there and make some dough while it’s flying around. If your website or store needs work, by all means put the work in to get it going.

What we’re saying is if you spend all your time thinking about how to fix your store, you’ll forget to do other things in your life. This can include the other aspects of your business, like accounting or hiring new people, or even your family during the holidays!

Eventually, this will come back to harm your store, no matter how much you make over the next couple weeks. If your business and personal life is in disarray because you’re so stressed out from the holidays, how can you effectively run your store the rest of the year?

So take a minute and relax. Enjoy whichever winter holiday you celebrate – heck, celebrate them all if you have time! If you need to, put in the work required to get your store up and running, then stop stressing, drink some eggnog, and have a little fun before the new year hits!