How to Find Trade Shows in Your Industry

You’ve got your presentation all set and ready to go. You’ve made the best posters, slideshows, and handouts you’ve ever made in your life. There’s a box full of swag handy in the closet ready to be handed out. The staff has all trained and gotten speeches and marketing tactics down to a fine art.

Now… where to go?

All this preparation is basically useless if you don’t have anywhere to present it. Where can you find the best trade shows in your industry to make your mark?

Let Your Mouse do the Walking

Luckily, there are a handful of websites you can frequent to find the best trade shows for you and your company to attend. Between them, you should be able to get a lead on at least a few.

One of the largest is the Trade Show News Network. Since 1996, they’ve collected and distributed information for trade shows in every industry, all across the world. No matter if you need a furniture trade show in Germany or a social media show in New York they have you covered.

Of course Google can also be your friend. Simply type in your industry, like “office supply distribution” and “trade show,” and there you have several (million) hits to choose from.

Scout the Competition

If you’ve utilized the Internet and still aren’t finding the best trade show for your company’s needs, you have other options. For one, check with the competition or even your customers to see what’s on the horizon. Hopefully you’re at least acquaintances with rival businesses and they will give you insider tips in the spirit of friendly competition.

Also make sure to check with the manufacturers of the goods you sell. If you custom make something entirely from scratch, someone else more than likely does not. Inquire with their manufacturer where trade shows in that area might be and which ones you should look up.

If all else fails, try doing some detective work! Check the schedules of all the big hotels and conference halls in the major cities – they will often have calendars up on their websites set well into the next few months, perhaps even up to a year in advance. Look to see what’s coming up and you may just be surprised to find something that interests you!