How to Create an Ideal Product Page

Crafting an Effective Product Page

If you want your customers to buy your products you need to make sure the product pages on your website are in good condition. Well-designed product pages are important for online sellers, because they can help capture the interest of shoppers and convince them to buy your wares. Take some time to read about the key components that are needed to create a strong product page that converts users into customers.

Write Creative & Informative Descriptions

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When you are designing a product page, you need to write text that accurately describes the product you are selling. The product’s description needs to include any important information that your customers would want to know before buying the product. Keep the description concise by highlighting important points, including size, available colors, and the product’s main features.

On top of this, you should also try to be a little creative with your product description. Try to make the description as engaging as possible, as this will make users more inclined to read through the entire product page. Finally, make sure to include keywords that accurately reflect your product’s features so the page will rank higher on search engines.

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Make the Price Tag Clear

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Another thing you should do on your product page is make sure that the price of the product is clearly displayed to customers. Customers need to know how much a product is so they can determine whether or not they can afford it. If your customers cannot quickly figure out how much a product is they might avoid buying it altogether.

Generally, you should put the price right at the top of the page so it is easy to locate. It is also a good idea to make the text size for the price larger than the rest of the text on the page so it stands out more. Do not make your customers dig around the entire page to find the price tag, because that will only end up frustrating them.

Add High Quality Images & Videos

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If you want people to buy one of your items its product page needs to have high quality images. High resolution images give your customers a clear idea of what they are about to purchase, so make sure you take good photos of your products. Low quality images can make your products look unappealing, and this can scare potential customers away.

You should also consider adding videos, because they are good at helping you to deal with skeptical buyers. Selling products online can be a challenge, mainly because shoppers are not able to hold a product in their hands. A demonstration video can show potential buyers a product in action, giving them a better idea on how it works. There are other new trends, such as micro animations, that you can use make your product pages stand out as well. 

Product Reviews & Ratings

Another component needed to make a good product page is reviews made by people who already shopped from you. According to The Drum, 93% of online shoppers stated that online reviews made an impact on their shopping decisions. If an older customer recommends one of your products, it will be a lot easier for you to sell it to new customers.

Make sure you display the overall rating for an item on the top of the product page, as this will allow customers to see whether or not people like it right away. Set aside a separate section on the page for written reviews so customers can see the in-depth thoughts of past customers. Reviews can make a big impact on a shopper’s decisions, so make sure you include them on your product page.

Make it Easy to Add to Cart

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One final thing you should do is make sure that it is easy for your customers to add your products to their shopping carts. You need to add a call-to-action to your product pages so customers can easily purchase your items. After all, there is no point in crafting a strong product page if your customers are not able to buy the product that is displayed.

When you are setting up the product page, put the “add to cart” CTA right at the top so users do not have any trouble finding it. You should also use a bold color for your CTA so it will stick out on the page. Don’t let the button blend into the background, or else customers will have a hard time buying the product in question.

Having effective product pages is important for any online seller, so make sure you include these elements when you are designing yours.

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