Handy Mobile Apps for eCommerce Sellers

By now you’ve heard over and over again that in order to stay successful as an ecommerce seller, you need to bring your store to mobile phones. But having your store translated to a shiny new iPhone, Android or Blackberry app isn’t the only way an ecommerce seller can succeed with mobile apps. There are plenty of mobile apps out there that make your job easier, too. Here are just a few, categorized by functionality:


Avery Universal Package Tracker – While you could, of course, download the FedEx and UPS mobile apps, why take up valuable screen real estate when Avery has come out with a package tracker that takes all the big guys into account? Track FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL shipments with this app.

ShipWizz – Another all-in-one, ShipWizz helps you track shipping costs for all the major shipping carriers in one handy app. They’ve got your international shipping needs covered, too, with an estimator of shipping costs to many countries.

Comparison Shopping:

MyMall – This app aggregates thousands of ecommerce sites around the web, allowing you to search them via keywords or filter for price. Now you can research the competition (and keep handy alerts about your competitors on your MyMall dashboard) on the go.

Scandit – A next-generation barcode scanner and the hit of the 2010 holiday season, Scandit allows you to scan bar codes to determine pricing and availability of products across many stores. This barcode scanner also features a review component that allows potential resellers to find out what people are saying about  products before they decided to buy or resell them.

Expense Tracking:

Harvest – While you’re out and about merchandising or wining and dining big new accounts, the expenses add up. With Harvest, you can simply take a picture of your receipt and it is stored in your Harvest account for later sorting into your accounting system.

Contact Management:

Shoeboxed – There’s nothing easier to lose than a business card, but with Shoeboxed’s mobile business card reader, you can simply snap a picture of the card and it’s then stored in your Shoeboxed account or sent to a CMS of your choice such as your address book, Outlook, or Constant Contact.


Evernote – Never underestimate the power of having an easy (and easily-synched) note-taking app on the go. Note down pricing, details about potential new merchandise, or the name of your supplier’s kids so you can wow her the next time you meet.  At the end of the day, you can synch all of your notes in one place, and never have to scrounge around for a sticky note ever again.

These are just a few of the zillions of mobile apps out there dedicated to small business and making your job as an ecommerce seller easier. What’s your must-have ecommerce business mobile app?