Frighten Your Customers With Unexpected Treats

When it comes to ecommerce shopping, customers only want treats and no tricks! However, if you “trick” them with some unexpected goodies, then they’ll get a thrill unlike any scare on Halloween night.

Coming up with a fun idea to scare a sale out of customers can be as complicated as coming up with a great Halloween decoration. With a few tweaks to your website, though, you can make even the grumpiest ecommerce shopper squeal with delight.

Separate Pages

Fall and winter are seasons of many holidays, and most of the tips and tricks here can work throughout the rest of the year and beyond. One such tip is to create a separate “sales” page for your website. This way, customers know exactly where to head to find the best stuff.

Many ecommerce site owners simply feature a few items on the main page of the website in hopes customers will want to explore the rest of the store. However, if you create an entirely new page, you can customize it however you want. In fact, cross-selling becomes that much easier when you have a designated place for deals.

As always, it helps to know what product is actively moving – what are your best items? Feature them along with some “hopefuls” and see what works.

Go Literal

Want a more Halloween-specific treat for your virtual door-to-door visitors? Part of the holiday is having fun while you get spooked, if only a little. So when your customers come onto the site, freak ‘em out with a little offer from out of nowhere!

You probably don’t want to have one of those “watch this seemingly innocuous videos that screams super loud when you don’t expect it” type thing, as most customers will hit the back button faster than you can say “boo.” However, if you simply include a little pop-up with an image and a coupon offer, it can shock them into actually using it.

Hidden Treats

Think back to when you were a kid – what was the coolest part of trick ‘r treating? Answers will probably vary wildly, but one memory that always pops up is finding that one awesome house that had the huge pieces of candy. It was a little hidden gem that often made you feel like you had won the lottery.

Reenact this feeling in your customers by “hiding” a great deal in your website. Tease them a little on the main page that if they poke around a bit they could find a link to free shipping or discounted items or what have you. This makes users actually move around your website as well as gives them incentive to come back, especially if you have multiple deals. Just don’t make the secret too hard to find or they’ll run away screaming!