Five Ways to Flourish in a Recession

Businesses are defined by their peaks of success, but are truly recognized because of the valleys they arise from.

With all the negativity on the news and in blogs recently about the economy and it’s affects on business, we decided (although we know things are rough, and we haven’t found the right medicine to fix this headache yet) we would focus on five simple ways to maximize all you can during these rough times.

  1. Build your business NOW.  Leverage extra time, lower rates, and financial opportunities to invest in yourself.  IBM’s biggest building years were during those of the great depression. 
  2. Use extra time to do NEW promotions.  Look at this season as an opportunity to invest in your brand equity and awareness.
  3. Don’t cut back.  That’s the natural response, kind of like driving in snow when you sliding out of control- don’t do your natural reaction to correct the spin, do the opposite and turn into the spin, it always fairs out better in the end.
  4. Stay on your customers minds.  Only in subtle ways, use this time as an opportunity to mend relationships.
  5. Make marketing part of your DNA.  Marketing isn’t something you do or don’t do when the economy is bad, it’s something you just DO all the time.  Make it an ingrained machine.  Refine and define who you are.  Marketing is like exercise, we never find time to do it, we know we should do it but we don’t.  Be Proactive.