Customer Spotlight: Mac Papers

Mac Papers is one of the largest wholesale distributors of paper and print products in the southeastern U.S. They came to us in 2014 looking for an eCommerce provider who could offer a website with a simple layout to their customers, while having a robust platform to meet their B2B needs.

About Mac Papers

Mac Papers is a third-generation, family-owned and operated business founded in 1965.The company’s roots come from “Jacksonville Paper Company,” which opened back in 1919 by Clifford Graham. His two sons, Frank and Tom, branched to create their own business: Mac Papers.

Today, Mac Papers has 22 retail locations and 18 “mini-mac” locations across nine states. Their offering includes a wide variety of printing, digital, inkjet and web papers and envelopes; diverse wide-format equipment and graphics supplies; all types of packaging equipment and consumables; hundreds of the highest quality janitorial cleaning supplies available; and more than 10,000 different office products.

Why they Chose 7cart

Mac Papers


Mac Papers came to us looking for a site that would offer three things: Flexibility, continuity, and simplicity.


Mac Papers wanted to make changes on their site as needed. On the back end, their staff wanted a site where it would be easy to add new categories if new business opportunities were presented, or establish controls based on variables like departmental budgets, max/min price per order, and levels of pre-approval. For users, they wanted an experience that would allow for users to search for products based on manufacturer, price point, product type, material, color, size, etc.


The use of high-quality images with multiple view settings was a priority. They requested for each product to be displayed in a consistent and readable format with bullet point call-outs along with detailed specifications readily available without crowding the general descriptive content.


Mac Papers was also looking to make their site user-friendly, and ensure that products were optimized for how their customers searched for them. Mac Papers wanted to have a site where customers could see other products recommended based on previous purchases, and other frequently bought items. They also needed a site that provides specific calls to action and make the path to a purchase simple for the end-user.

Our Relationship with Mac Papers

“In choosing a third-party vendor, we needed a responsive partner that could work with us and be fair and dependable in making enhancements,” said Amelia Smith, Communications Manager at Mac Papers. “But most importantly, we wanted to work with a partner that was easy to do business with.”

Smith also noted that end users appreciated the simple to use layout. “The site is stable, well thought out, and any enhancements from Logicblock are timely and non-invasive for the user. Alex Nicolaides and his team have been a true partner in helping Mac Papers execute our strategy of competing and winning business.”

You can follow Mac Papers on Twitter.