Sustainable Business Model Integration with Logicblock

Sustainable Business Model Integration- Where to Begin?

More people are choosing to go green. This is evident from the hybrid and electric cars more readily available, the amount of solar energy being harnessed across the country, and by people’s likelihood to choose a sustainable business partnership over one that does not promote environmentally conscious practices. How can you show your customers that not only are you focused on sustainability, but you are striving every day to be better? By integrating sustainability into your business model and/or philosophy, you are proving to your customers that you care not only about them and their business, but also the environment. 

Your Website 

One of the easiest ways to promote this is to have a specific landing page on your website that is entirely based on “Going Green”. This is where you can highlight statistics on paper usage, carbon footprint, and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you are stopping from being put into the environment. By offering products that are either recyclable or made from recycled materials, you are taking large steps towards sustainability. 

Your Actions 

Do you offer eco-friendly packaging? How about dedicated driver routes to cut down on how much gas the truck is using. Do you offer Public Transportation Commuter Benefits? These are some ways your actions as a company can have direct impacts on the environment. By showcasing these efforts, clients are more likely to not only choose your business, but also stay loyal to you.  

Your Community 

Community empowerment is an “outside the box” way to approach sustainability. Highlight your dedication by making charitable donations, whether monetary or otherwise. You can donate gently used furniture to a local school or library. This not only allows for a tax deduction but also keeps furniture out of landfills. Donate money to clean up a local park or work with a local company that offers carbon offsetting. Encourage your customers to focus on their geotargets to promote shopping locally.  

Other Ways to Help 

If you’re looking for a few ways to integrate sustainability into your everyday practices, we’ve got some ideas. While you may already do some of these, think about how you could utilize others in order to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

  • Recyclable Products 
  • Products Made from Recycled Materials 
  • Reduce Single-Use Items 
  • Donate What You Don’t Need or Use 
  • Reduce Paper Waste by Utilizing Cloud Storage 
  • Community Clean-Ups
  • Fundraising and Donation Matching 
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging 
  • Smart Electronics and Smart Lightbulbs 
  • Carbon Offsetting 
  • Offering Remote or Hybrid Work 
  • Public Transit Commuter Benefits 
Want to move to a more sustainable business model
by integrating a cloud-based website?

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Logicblock Customer Spotlight: Roby Supply

Customer Spotlight: Roby Supply 

Working with Roby Supply

Cleaner in a face mask showing her cleaning products

Roby Supply is a distributor of janitorial supplies in Dayton, Ohio. Their mission is to always strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and delivery. Roby was stsarted in the 1990s and is certified by Veterans Affairs as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), HubZone certified, National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC), Ohio Veteran owned, and Ohio ODOT DBE. We sat down with Michelle, who co-owns Roby Supply with her husband, to learn more about their partnership with Logicblock. 

Partnering with Logicblock

Prior to partnering with Logicblock, Roby utilized Sage 100 software and did not have a website. They currently utilize DDI software for their back-end system. Their main wholesaler, Essendant, told them about the Logicblock 7cart eCommerce platform, and this referral ultimately led them to choose Logicblock for their front-end customer website. During the set-up process, Roby utilized the Logicblock staff for assistance as they do not have a dedicated IT person on staff. As a small business, Michelle shared with us her top three things that other small businesses looking at Logicblock should know: 

  • It is easy to navigate. 
  • They have quick response. 
  • You get a professional looking website. 

How Roby has Benefitted 


Michelle stated that her favorite feature of Logicblock is that it maintains the monthly Essendant updates. Many small businesses do not have the time nor resources to maintain the many updates from vendors, but Logicblock makes it easy! Logicblock can manage product and category information updates automatically from the vendor on a regular basis, so you do not have to. Michelle also stated that it is “very easy for us to add new products and new vendors to our website.” With the constant changes in product availability the past few years, this is a definite benefit to Logicblock customers!

Ready to move your business over to Logicblock and realize the same benefits as Roby?


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Establish the Human Connection

Many consumers turn away from businesses when they feel their needs aren’t being addressed. Personalization is a key factor in supporting customer relationships. Understanding consumer data trends can allow you to reach out directly to the customer as well. Strategies that can maximize connection include recommendations curated on their search history, relevant discounts on products and services, and personalized e-mails and messages. These touches will help you establish a genuine relationship with the consumer and help leave them satisfied. Features such as Chatbots can also be effective at creating personalized relationships with consumers.

Get Creative with Your Marketing

Having a marketing strategy that is specific to your users can bring you added promising clientele. Ways of integrating these into your online store can include offering shopping across social media platforms, or bots equipped with FAQS. Also consider implementing tools such as LianaMonitor to gain insights into social channels. By doing so you will gain deeper insights into the shopping habits of your consumers. By having a flexible and dynamic marketing approach, attracting consumers can be become easier for your business.

Go All in On Mobile Shopping

Having the ability to shop while you’re on the move is essential these days. Mobile shopping options are a terrific way of attracting a wider variety of shoppers. Make sure your store is responsive on all devices on mobile and desktop; having your store work effortlessly is key to attracting sales and increased engagement. Another idea is to create surveys for your consumers, as getting their perspective on what works for them can help you build loyalty. The power of mobile cannot be understated when trying to streamline the user experience and Logicblock sites are 100% mobile-ready, making them an effective solution.

AR Technology

Getting a feel for an item online can be challenging but it does not have to be. Implementing Augmented Reality technology can allow you to show customers what a tangible product will look like in real time. Having this option will increase the accuracy of your customer’s purchase and leave them satisfied. The idea of making sure your customer gets the right product in their hands is key and AR Technology is the perfect tool to utilize for it.

Cross and Up-Selling Products

When selling to customers, it’s important to know which products are relevant to market. With discount and promo offers tailored specifically toward the user, you’re able to convert someone into a new regular for your business. The nature of cross- and up-selling products allows you to make meaningful connections with the consumer and create a lasting relationship. Creating those lasting relationships will allow you to build a steady customer base to support your growth. Heres’ some ways you can cross and up sell on your Logicblock site!

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The eCommerce Holiday 2021 Season

With the 2021 Holiday Season swiftly approaching, many eCommerce clients are wondering how to monetize the growth we’ve seen across the board from the last 20 months. US Holiday sales are expected to grow 8.5-10.5% in 2021, accelerating the normal 4.4% growth we’ve seen around the holidays in previous years. All despite supply chain issues, cabin fever settling in, and a diminished workforce. 

Increased Sales

Source: Google

Even since the first quarter of 2021, eCommerce sales have increased 7.6%, with an expected growth rate of 13.7% by the end of 2021. This is notable because not only have both suppliers and customers had to deal with supply chain issues, but also with a diminished workforce across the country. With fewer employees comes lower inventory and because of lower inventory, some suppliers have had to shift focus. They are focusing more on quality than quantity than ever before. This is one of the many factors that has allowed for such exceptional growth.  

Consistency & Reliability 

Consumers have stated that throughout the past 20 months, consistency and reliability mean more to them than ever before. Quality products received in a timely manner in good condition can be worth their weight in gold to the consumer.  

Free or Discounted Shipping

When it comes to the holidays, purchasing and fulfillment are time sensitive. Due to supply chain issues, many eCommerce clients have decided to ease the customers burdens by providing either free or discounted shipping options. This can help keep customers and clients loyal for many years after.  

Integrated Shopping

Social media shopping has become part of our normality, and targeted ads, especially around the holidays, are great influencers. The more we see the product, the more likely we are to purchase it. By monetizing this relatively new technology, eCommerce clients can stay on trend and have faster access to analytics for sales and growth opportunities.  

We’re confident that we can help you bring your eCommerce site to the next level. Try us for free to see for yourself. 

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Pricing Key To Small Business Survival

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “prices for all items less food and energy rose 3.8 percent for the year ended May 2021, the largest 12-month increase since the year ended June 1992.” As cost of goods continue to rise, pricing is going to make or break small businesses. The goal is to always remain competitive without losing significant margin. But, as pricing changes rapidly, automation is key to keep up with the trends. 

LogicBlock Integration with Item 411 Keeps Small Business Competitive 

Source: Google

If you don’t have pricing tools yet, you need them. Today’s landscape is vastly different than a year ago, much less 10 years ago! With online purchases continuing to rise, staying up-to-date and competitive with the big boxes and ecommerce stores is key. You may have the “shop local” advantage and great customer service, but without competitive pricing those things won’t matter. 

With Item 411, your team can create custom matrix pricing plans based on current market pricing and schedule this to automatically update your online storefront. You also have the option to show current market pricing from select competitors directly on your 7cart storefront, so your customers never leave your page. The key here is that this is all automated, so your team isn’t scrambling every morning to look at pricing. 

Have sales reps on the go that need pricing information in real-time? They can get all of this information in Item 411’s mobile-friendly format as well. And the best part is that Item411 is included with Logicblock’s Essentials and Professional Packages

“Fix” MarketXpert Helps Win Bids and Contracts Without Losing Profitability 

One of the best aspects of small business is seeing companies work together to compete against the big guys. MarketXpert is an enhanced version of Item411 for Essendant first-call customers that also integrates with LogicBlock and assists you in making informed decisions about margin and pricing strategies. This powerful tool cross-references competitor product pricing and helps take the guess-work out of bid strategy. 

Information Is Power

The more information you have easily accessible, the better you can compete in the market. Once you have Item411 or MarketXpert, you will realize that competing with ever changing pricing doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. Your team will be able to quickly answer questions like: 

  • How does your competition price specific items? 
  • Can you offer a better deal and remain profitable? 
  • Can pricing be adjusted to win that contract? 
  • Can you change product mix to reduce your customer’s budget? 
  • Can you substitute private label products to enhance the bid? 

Ready to win more business without losing profitability? Submit a ticket via our support site to learn more about integrating these tools today! 

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What the new Google Core Update Means For You

Google Constantly Making Updates

Google is constantly making updates—in the past few months they have rolled out multiple updates including spam updates, page experience updates and predator algorithm updates. In addition, Google recently updated its core algorithm (twice). A core update is when Google makes substantial improvements to the overall ranking process. Typically, as these core updates roll out, some sites can see volatility and noticeable changes in their Google search ranking and analytics.

Core Updates Complete as of July 12th

Google Analytics
Source: Google

As you are looking at your site analytics, you may (or may not) see a dip or increase due to the core updates. The June update began rolling out June 2nd and took about ten days. For July, the experts’ tracking shows that the core update was felt the most by websites on July 2nd and July 9th despite rolling out July 1st-July 12th. While many websites won’t notice any changes, some sites that experience drops will be looking to “fix” their site after the updates despite potentially having nothing that needs fixing.

“Fix” Your Site with Continued Quality Content

A person writing and researching content on their laptop

Improving your search ranking is not a quick fix; it takes time. Continue offering the best quality content that you can to position your website (and overall business) as the go-to expert in your niche. Providing the end-user with a good experience is the most important factor and directly relates to your page quality. This means that your content needs to not only be comprehensive, trusted, and provide value to your readers, but the website itself also needs to display correctly (be mobile-friendly) and have functionality and speed.

Is your current Logicblock site not mobile-friendly? Update to a responsive theme today to be mobile-ready. Request the update via a ticket at and a streamlined version of the site will be visible to anyone visiting on their mobile device.

Maintain Strong Search Engine Optimization

Two women browsing content for their website

In addition to quality content, continual Search Engine Optimization is key to maintaining your google search rankings. While these core updates can sometimes frustrate you with drastic changes, SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Continue with good quality content and utilize your 7cart ecommerce website to maintain strong metatags and search-friendly URLS and you will win in the long-run. Utilize the Google Search Console tools to measure your results and improve your performance over time.

Looking to create a business website with good quality content? Let Logicblock help you succeed!

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How To Select Products For Your eCommerce Store

How to Select Products For Your eCommerce Store

For many ecommerce beginners, the hardest aspect of starting out is deciding which products to sell online. There are many ways to determine the product that best suits the online market at any given time.

Some great ways to decide are to choose an industry, consider what the customer is looking for, appeal to people with hobbies, consider logistics and sell products you have an interest in. Keep reading to find out more about how to select products for your eCommerce store!

Choose an Industry

An individual counting the profits from their business

Take note of the profit margins in various industries. The goal of an ecommerce site is to sell goods and make money over time. Some products are going to bring in more revenue than others. This is a major consideration when wanting to make a profit through your ecommerce site. You want to sell items that are high in demand and are popular.

What The Customer Wants

An ecommerce store must choose and sell products that provide a new and better value, quality and performance to customers than what was available before. This can be done by keeping things simple and appealing to what the customer is going to find valuable.

You can find what’s trending just by doing a little research. For example, iPhones are much more popular than flip phones now-a-days. Therefore, you can enrich your sales by selling iPhone accessories and products. In doing so, you can allow your customers to make wishlists and favorites. This a great way to appeal to customers because they can make a list of trending products and refer to it without having to navigate the entire site when they return to your store.

Appeal to Hobbyists

When deciding which products to sell in your ecommerce store its helpful to appeal to hobbyists. Mainly because they will always want to purchase the products you are selling to maintain their hobby’s.

Hobbyists are ideal customers because they keep coming back for related products, and will often make purchases in bulk. To make sure you have what they need, it’s important to ensure you have efficient inventory control and management of your ecommerce products.


Logistics are important when choosing products to sell in your ecommerce store. You want to look at the supplies and materials needed to produce a product. Whether these can be sourced locally will determine how much money you’ll need to be spend sourcing them and shipping.

This will lead you to how to price products for your ecommerce store efficiently. Also, if a similar product is already sold locally in stores and buyers don’t have to wait for it to be shipped, this could negatively affect your sales.

Products You’re Passionate About

Having an affinity for the product and its industry will make it easier to sell. This is because you are naturally knowledgeable about the product and can understand the intent of the customer. Consider what you’re most passionate about—whether it’s food, clothing, computers, etc.—then pick a related product. Choosing a related product from your own interests help you to advertise and sell more than products you have little to no knowledge about.

Having an ecommerce store can be easy to launch but finding the best products to sell can take a bit more consideration. It’s imperative to put thought into the products you sell to generate sales and make a profit.

Want to find out more ways to make a profit with your ecommerce store?

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The Benefits Of Using Google Ads For Your Ecommerce Store

Using Google Ads

Using google ads might be one of the best things you can do to expand your business. People use Google to search around 3 billion times a day. Each search offers opportunities for you to get your brand in front of more users. This yields to increasing leads, conversions, and sales. Google Ads allow you to advertise and promote your products and services when users search relevant keywords. When done right, it has the potential to turbo-charge leads and sales.

Keep reading to find out more about what google ads are and how they work.

The Benefits Of Using Google Ads For Your Ecommerce Store

There are many benefits to using google ads for your ecommerce store. Including:

  • Put your products and brand in the Google Shopping spotlight.
  • Your Google Shopping Ads will perform better than your text-based ads.
  • Get better qualified leads from Google Ads.
  • Google Shopping is a lot easier to manage.
  • Benefit from broader reach with Google Shopping Ads.

1. Variety Of Pricing Plans

When using google ads, the great benefit is that you can set a budget that works for your business because there are a variety of pricing plans available. The average cost-per-click on Google Ads is $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network and less than $1 for the Google Display Network. Depending on the client, industry, objectives, and locations targeted, google strategists recommend starting budgets that range from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. The better equipped you are to build and optimize Google Ads campaigns, the higher your starting budget should be.

2. Choose Your Reach

Someone looking at the breakdown of their global customer demographic

Decide where you want to advertise: local or global. You can choose the ad groups to which you’d like to add demographic categories by simply adding and targeting demographics you would like to reach using Google Ads. There is a great benefit to choosing the groups and demographics you would like to reach as this will optimize your business sales as it’s tailored to your specific needs.

3. Adjust Or Pause Service As Needed

You can adjust or pause your service at any time. You will never pay more than your cap that is set. This is as simple as logging into your Google Ads account and clicking the ads you want to pause. This is a great utility as each business has specific needs and budgets. This will enhance your business without breaching the realm of your financial limitations.

4. Gives Estimated Results Based On Budget

Google ads will estimate your results. You will pay only for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. You have the advantage to decide how much you want to spend, and google ads will show you the estimated results based on your advertising budget before you create your campaign.

5. Only Pay When People Take Action

The most amazing feature of google ads is that you only pay when people take action; like clicking your ad to visit your site or to call your business. The average cost-per-click on Google Ads is $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network and less than $1 for the Google Display Network. Average cost per action (CPA) is calculated by dividing the total cost of conversions by the total number of conversions.

For example, if your ad receives 2 conversions, one costing $2.00 and one costing $4.00, your average CPA for those conversions is $3.00. Google ads allows you to pay per action which is essential to budgeting for your business while using Google Ads. To set you up for success, Google Ads will provide reports and insights so you can track your ad’s performance and costs.

Logicblock partners with Google Web Tools including Google Ads to allow for easy integration into your Logicblock ecommerce site. With everything we do, we keep your end goals in mind, making it simple to set up your ecommerce store and track it (helping it to grow). Contact us today to learn more about our free trial!

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On ECommerce: One Year Later

The Impact Of COVID-19 On ECommerce: One Year Later

We’ve followed how COVID-19 affected eCommerce since the beginning of the pandemic, but what’s happening now? Looking back over the year, we have real concrete data for how eCommerce changed in 2020-21 and what can we expect for the future. 

How COVID Impacted Ecommerce (The Numbers)

Female in face mask sitting on a floor on her laptop

A lot has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, including how we shop. Online sales skyrocketed from March 2020 to 2021, bringing record numbers to eCommerce markets. 

This boost has changed the future of eCommerce. According to a recent article from Digital Commerce 360, COVID advanced eCommerce by up to two years. The study also breaks down the overall numbers: 

  • $105 billion of additional online revenue was generated in 2020 in the U.S. 
  • Ecommerce sales jumped 32.4% to $791.70 billion in 2020 
  • 19.6% of total U.S. retail sales last year were eCommerce sales 
  • A lot of these increases were in specific industries, for example online sales of food and grocery retailers jumped 100%. Considering the move to online grocery shopping, this was expected. 

What Does The Future Of Ecommerce Hold? 

Question marks cut out from construction paper

These numbers are mostly based on the pandemic, so it’s tough to predict what next year will look like outside of these 2021 ecommerce trends. However, increasing numbers in eCommerce sales overall (long before COVID hit) shows that this shift to online shopping is likely here to stay.

New to eCommerce? Logicblock can help you build your online business today. 

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The Next Big Thing: Ecommerce Trends For 2021

The Next Big Thing: Ecommerce Trends For 2021

2020 was…a year. A year of change and uncertainty, of time and money fluctuating from scarcity to growth (sometimes in a single day).

Have things settled down? Kind of. Despite ongoing challenges, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned some things at this point. We’ve seen a full year of how COVID affected eCommerce and we can use what we know to plan for the future.

Here are some ideas for what 2021 could hold for the eCommerce world:

Simpler Purchasing Options

What’s the one thing you want your customers to do when they come to your site…BUY. Continuing with trends in recent years, expect even simpler paths to purchasing for site visitors. Ease and usability options, such as allowing customers to create favorites and wish lists for repeat and easy ordering will become more popular this year.

Crunching The Numbers

Writing and analyzing Data

Data tells a story. Google Analytics can tell you vital information about your site, including your bounce rates, so that you can make informed decisions about your business. Your product might be listed on the wrong page or have a poor description, but you won’t know that unless you have the numbers in front of you. As algorithms become more complex and buyers less predictable, a focus on data driven eCommerce sites will continue this year.

Social Media Shopping

Close-up on someone holding a Smart Phone with their Social Media Apps folder open

Instagram and Facebook shops are another way to sell products and services – use them! Most of us have integrated social media onto our site, now we need do the opposite – add the shop to social media. As people spend more and more time on social media apps, it will be important for eCommerce stores to have a presence there.

Sustainability & Ethics Will Drive Purchasing

Like it or not, customers are becoming increasingly interested in where their products come from and how they’re made. Expect to see shopping local, sustainability and ethical concerns be a focus for many consumers in the coming years.

Website Design & Usability

A website template pulled up on a Macbook and Mac Desktop Monitor

With an increasingly saturated market, it’s more important now than ever to have a site that is easy to use and that looks greats. Logicblock can help your eCommerce site get a polished, professional look without sacrificing user experience.

We’re confident that we can help you bring your eCommerce site to the next level. Try us for free to see for yourself.

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