How Logicblock’s Data Integration Makes Business Easier

An Exciting Day at the Office!

You’re a promising new intern at a big company with big responsibilities. Today’s task? Bring the daily report to the boss upstairs. It’s a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is leave the office and head to the warehouse. Inside the warehouse you’re able to print the report from a special terminal that keeps all the warehouse info. Time to head back to the office! Now, type the data from the report into a terminal on the boss’s floor, for them to review later. Next step? Wait in the lobby until the boss gives you a printout to take to the warehouse. Then go back to the warehouse, enter the new data, and print another report. Rinse and repeat! You might not get much else done today, but you’ll definitely get your steps in!

Now ask yourself…

What Year is it?

We know it’s hard to believe, but even in 2022, we at Logicblock come across dealers who manually enter wholesale orders, then manually enter those orders into their ERP, and sometimes manually enter them AGAIN into their CRM.

Person looking at enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) infographic.

Logicblock’s data integration software and services cut the need for repetitive manual data entry. We save you time and money, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The Dangers of Redundancy

computerized error logo

Redundant acts are timewasters, that much is certain, but they can also be dangerous for your business. Your online business requires large amounts of data tracking and entry, and time spent on that task requires focus and diligence.

As the day goes on, data is repeated, jumping back and forth between different software, it’s not hard to believe that something could go wrong. The smallest incorrect keystroke can result in accounting irregularities, purchasing errors, shipping delays, the list goes on. Errors compound and before you know it, you’re losing contracts, customers, and reputation. Now your employees are working to undo the mess that redundant work caused. You’re wasting time (and losing money) on both ends of the problem. A very dangerous situation for a growing business to find itself in.

So, what to do?

Eliminate Redundancy and Make Communication Simple

Logicblock ends the need for constant data reentry by integrating data, fostering communication between systems, and streamlining purchasing and inventory processes. Automating, integrating, and streamlining these processes will increase accuracy, decrease time spent on tedious paperwork, and strengthen your online business. Here’s how:

Catalog Management –

Automation is a key step to cutting redundancy and reducing the likelihood of error. Our multi-vendor catalog system is updated regularly so you are always up to date on the latest product and category information from your vendors.

Inventory Management –

Imagine the time you’ll save and the mistakes you’ll avoid with Logicblock’s Inventory Management tools. With Logicblock, inventories automatically sync with dealer inventories. Logicblock has the functionality to pull inventory reports directly from your store’s back-end, or your particular ERP software. No need to manually compare inventories, send repetitive emails, or handle multiple reports.

Order & Purchasing Integrations –

Our Order & Purchasing Integrations make the purchasing process a smooth and intuitive experience. Seamless integrations with multiple vendors AND multiple ERPS keep the order fulfillment and purchasing process in one place; no more bouncing back and forth between inventories, catalogs, and purchase orders.


Software AND Service

By integrating and leveraging our Best of Breed eCommerce tools you’ll be able to create, maintain, and grow an effective online store. Sound like a fantasy? Trust us; we do this for a living.

At Logicblock we want to be your “everywhere storefront” and we have the tools to do it! We don’t only offer our powerful 7cart eCommerce software. As wonderful as our data integrations are, we also supply the services to make those integrations happen. This way, we don’t just hand you the keys and wish you luck, we take the time to show you how to get the most of Logicblock’s eCommerce solution. We facilitate the integration, while you focus on perfecting your business. In fact, here’s a list of the partners and integrations we currently have available for the benefit of your business.

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What is Punchout?

Online shopping infographic.

Punchout (sometimes “punch-out”) is a method by which Buyers are able to view, select, and purchase items from a Seller’s product catalogs without ever needing to leave their own procurement system. Clear as mud? Let’s take a look at how punchout works before we talk about how it saves your business time and money by streamlining and simplifying your e-procurement system. 

How Punchout Works in 5 Simple Steps

It’s possible that you already use punchout and just need a refresher on how it works and what it does to help your business. But some people hear punchout and think about sandwich shop membership cards, so let’s do a quick brush-up for everyone. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how punchout works:

  1. The Buyer logs into whatever purchasing platform their company prefers. Platforms such as Opstech, SAP Ariba, and Coupa are some of the most popular e-procurement systems.
  2. The Buyer selects the appropriate Supplier for this particular purchase.
  3. The Buyer is quickly redirected to the Supplier’s site, where they will begin to build their cart. By sharing cXML files with each other, both sites will remember your info for logins, building carts, and purchase orders, keeping your data consistent across platforms and streamlining the process.
  4. Once you’ve completed selecting all the products you intend to purchase, the buyer returns to their procurement platform with their full cart. But in a way, you never really left, because Punchout operates from within your system.
  5. Instead of proceeding to checkout like you might do on other sites, the Buyer creates a “Punchout,” which, after approval, is sent to the Seller as a purchase order for fulfillment.

How Punchout Helps

Now that we understand how Punchout works (or at least get the idea that it makes things easier!), here are just a few of the ways Punchout will help your business:

  • Less Data Entry
  • Multiple Users Under One Account
  • Order Accuracy
  • Combining Processes
  • Price Lists and Discounts

Now let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the concrete ways that using punchout services can benefit your business.

Less Data Entry, More Order Accuracy

Person shopping online with credit card in hand.

Perhaps the most easily observed benefit to using Logicblock’s Punchout services is how much data entry (and re-entry) it eliminates from your workflow. You are probably used to typing and retyping data back and forth between your system and the site from which you are purchasing. The more finger strokes it takes to complete a task, the more opportunities for mistakes. When ordering on the scale purchasing agents are accustomed to, accuracy is paramount. Logicblock’s data integration tools cut down on the need to re-enter data. By never leaving your procurement system and utilizing Punchout catalogs, you significantly reduce the risk of purchasing errors, all while saving time and money.  

More Users Under One Account

Infographic of multiple individuals.

Punchout allows multiple corporate purchasing agents to operate under one account, providing the opportunity for the seamless sharing and crosschecking of purchases and pending orders. The more agents you have using Punchout, the more familiar they’ll become with your supplier’s catalogs, eventually shortening the time spent searching for products. 

Combines multiple processes

Punchout combines multiple processes, giving users complete access and up to the minute information. In addition to basic features like searching catalogs, filling carts, and ordering products, by running within your e-procurement platform, Punchout also allows for accounting services and order tracking. Combining these processes creates a simple and smooth user experience.  

Pre-agreed price lists and discounts

Sellers have full control over their Punchout catalogs and are able to integrate pre-negotiated price lists and discounts unique to the Buyer. Price lists and discounts eliminate the need for emailing or calling back and forth between Sellers and Buyers. Buyers can see at a glance which products or purchase points will save them (and help their business) the most.  

Unlock all the ways Logicblock’s 7cart ecommerce tools can help your business. 

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The Importance of SEO & Ranking

SEO ranking info graphics

Search Engine Optimization is vitally important to the success of any eCommerce site. After all, people can’t buy what they can’t find. So how do you improve SEO and rise through the internet ranks to the cream of the crop?  

At Logicblock, we give you the ability to dig deep into Google Analytics, use your own domains, integrate blogs, share content across multiple sites, all while driving up your ranking so that customers find you as soon as they start searching. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Logicblock can strengthen your SEO.

Own Your Domain

Your domain name may be the most important part of your online store. After all, your domain likely includes the name of your business, and what’s more important than a name when you’re trying to stand out in a crowd? Logicblock enables you to use any domain you own for your eCommerce site. Links directed to your store will grow your SEO, and existing customers will have an easier time finding you by the name they already know and trust. Avoid the convoluted “” domains the Other Guys force on you, and instead choose for yourself how people will find and see you. 

Canonical URLS 

It’s possible you have multiple domains and want to be able to share the same content across them. Almost certainly you have products in your store that are cross listed in multiple categories (a desk chair is both Office Furniture and Home Furniture, after all), which means multiple URLs leading to the same page. Google can penalize you for this sort of repeated content, unless you make sure to use Canonical URLs. A canonical URL is when you have multiple URLs pointing to the same page and select one URL to serve as a “Master” or hub. This allows you to share the same content across multiple domains with no penalty. Keep your content and your store accessible to all your customers without sacrificing your search engine standing with Logicblock’s use of canonical URLS. 

Integrated Blogging Platforms

Lady at coffee shop smiling while working on laptop.

The number of links directed to your site can influence how your site ranks on Google’s search results. But more isn’t always better; the quality of links also plays a role. When people like your website they will tell others about it by sharing on social media or linking directly to you. The more times people link to your site, the more likely Google is to place you higher on their search results page. A regularly updated blog is an effective way to generate links back to your site. Google, and search engines like it, “reward” regularly updated websites with higher rankings, as they focus on promoting sites that are considered active. More likely than not, other sites won’t link directly to your products, but a well-curated blog will attract readers to your site and convert them into customers for your store. Don’t sit on the sidelines; join the conversation and educate your customers while maximizing your site visibility and efficiency. 

Google Analytics for Tracking Integration

Logicblock seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to quickly and easily see how your website is performing. Making data-informed decisions is easier than ever with this accessible treasure trove of information. See the impact of email blasts, seasonal discounts, marketing plans, blog posts, and more. Best of all, Google analytics is free and easy to use, and integration is included in every Logicblock plan.   

Search Box Analytics

Search analytics info graphics.

Studies show that 30% of site visitors will use a search box if available, which can account for nearly 45% of revenue. Therefore, they are an invaluable tool for your website; they benefit customers by making your website easily searchable and benefit you by providing analytic data. Learn your click through rate, your popular searches, even what filters your customers use to search for products. But how can this help maximize your SEO? After harvesting valuable keyword info, you can increase your SEO by mapping words your customers search for repeatedly. Knowing what people are looking for makes it easier for you to show them what they need. 

Auto XML Sitemaps

HTML sitemaps help users find their way around the internet. XML sitemaps do the same for search engines, making it easier for Google, Bing, and other search engines to find your site. Logicblock’s XML Sitemap Generator automatically creates sitemaps for you. By submitting these maps to Google and other search engines, you make it much easier and faster for them to find and index your site. Basically, after taking Google on a tour of your website, Google has an easier time showing users what they are searching for. The more information about your site Google has, the easier your site is to find. 

Metadata & Title Tags

Person using google search on tablet device.

Metadata is information about your website, not the information on your website. It is a part of what allows search engines to find your website when someone types in “oil change near me”, “local bakeries”, or “wholesale warehouse.” Descriptive metadata isn’t visible when you visit your webpage, but it is specifically designed to make it easier for search engines to find your website. By customizing page titles and descriptions with specific keywords you can target particular audiences, geotargets, and more. This gives you full control of how your content pages appear to search engines. Proper use of metadata and title tags will even attract potential customers who are more likely to purchase your products based on previous online behavior. 

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Use Zendesk to Optimize Your Business’s Customer Service

Zendesk logo

Customer relationships are the cornerstone on which all successful businesses are built. Make customer service a business priority by coupling your Logicblock website with Zendesk’s Customer Relationship Management software, Zendesk Sell. Zendesk creates customer service solutions for online businesses like yours. With customizable software that works out of the box and scales with your business, Zendesk Sell “gives your team what they need so your customers get what they want.” If you use Logicblock to optimize your website, then use Zendesk to maximize your Customer Relationship Management.  

Support Customers Through Multiple Touchpoints

A successful business offers customers many ways to get in touch. Whether through your website, email, phone, or social media, Zendesk tracks all your communication together, making it easy to stay on top of customer requests. Zendesk Sell will even take social media comments and turn them into customer service tickets automatically, streamlining your workload and maximizing your response rate. Wherever they are, your customers will always be able to get in touch. 

Customer Self-Service Options

While your team may not always be available to customers, your business should be. Zendesk has the tools to help your customers, and even help customers learn from each other. To keep your customers in touch 24/7, Zendesk can create: 

Online Help Centers

Online Help Centers allow you to write and publish articles about your business directly to the platform. Then, Zendesk will recommend relevant articles to customers, giving them the tools to help themselves while freeing your agents to serve other customers.  

Community Forums 

While Help Centers allow customers to help themselves, Community Forums allow customers to help each other. A well-organized Forum enables customers to share tips, tools, recommendations, and individual experiences. 

AI Powered Chat Bots

Holding a phone

Zendesk’s AnswerBot, an AI Powered Chat Bot, can answer simple questions or redirect customers to relevant articles in the Help Center. AnswerBot also gathers information from customers, creating service tickets for agents so they can help answer the big questions. Learn more about how Logicblock sites support chatbots and how we can help you create an engaging user experience with chatbots


Analyzing data does not have to be complicated. With Zendesk Sell’s prebuilt dashboards you can simply and easily track industry standards, identify gaps in service, and discover the patterns of your customer’s needs. From your customer satisfaction rating to your busiest time of day, Zendesk will help you track and analyze the data that keeps your business rolling.  

Apps and Integrations

On its own Zendesk Sell is a powerful customer service tool, but Zendesk’s app marketplace allows you to customize and link to over 1200 apps and prebuilt integrations. Zendesk works seamlessly with your favorite:  

  • IT Tools  
  • Sales CRMs 
  • Marketing Automation Systems 
  • Payment Platforms 

From Slack and Shopify to Mailchimp and Salesforce, Zendesk effortlessly integrates your favorite third-party software. 

Open-Source Platform

If you can’t find the program you are looking for in the App Marketplace, or just want a more hands-on approach, Zendesk’s internal engine Sunshine is an open-source program that allows for an enormous level of customization. With built-in Low Code and No Code tools, you don’t need a team of developers to make use of Zendesk’s open-source coding. Sunshine’s capacity for nearly limitless automation will streamline workflow even further. And with Zendesk’s built-in Data Security, Compliance, and Privacy Tools keeping your systems and data safe, you can focus on supporting your customers and agents.  

For Customers, Zendesk allows you to create interactive, personalized customer service experiences across all channels. 

For Agents, use Zendesk to create a clearer picture of your customer by analyzing siloed data, and maintain a lively workflow with integrated third-party applications. 

Zendesk & Logicblock: A Powerful Pair 

Zendesk’s flexible customer service software and Logicblock’s 7cart ecommerce tools are a powerful combination.  

Logicblock gives you the tools you need to reach customers, showcase your products, and manage your commercial business. Zendesk takes it a step further by empowering your customers and giving them the tools they need to learn about you, reach out to you, and do business with you. 

Together, Logicblock and Zendesk combine to form an irresistible online experience for your customers and your team. With enormous levels of customization and automation, Logicblock and Zendesk are dedicated to giving you, your customers, and your team exactly what you want. 

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Creating and Maintaining an Effective Online Store

Increasing traffic to your website is not enough to make your business a success. To turn visitors into customers, you need an eCommerce shop that is well organized, simple to navigate, and promotes your most profitable products. Logicblock makes uploading products and segmenting catalogs easy for you, so that finding the perfect product is easy for your customers.  

Product Uploads Made Easy

Imaginary upload button on keyboard

Uploading products to your website can seem like a daunting task, especially for a growing and changing business. 7cart’s intuitive programming allows for batch uploading and editing, to maximize speed and ease of use. You can easily update, add, and delete items, so your store is always up to date. The ability to organize and present your eCommerce site just the way you want is only one of the many reasons you should use 7cart.

Segmentation is a Road Map for Your Customers

A well-segmented catalog acts like a trail of breadcrumbs your customers follow until they reach the right product for them. Starting wide with a category like “School Supplies,” then narrowing to subcategories like “Arts & Crafts” and then “Markers,” and finally landing on the individual product gives the customer full control. This level of segmentation also allows customers to backtrack without losing their place in your catalog.  

Segmentation Allows for Discovery 

Segmentation not only helps the customer organically discover what they are looking for, but also shows the customer related products and services they may not have realized they need. In every way, segmentation benefits both you and your customers. Logicblock’s product upload and segmentation tools can also help improve search functionality, connecting customers to products in seconds. By using Logicblock’s site search analytics you can make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, while also helping you decide what you want to show them.

Maximize Your ROI and Highlight Your Uniqueness

An organized store needs more than just a list of products. A successful eCommerce site will also highlight products that earn the best ROI, reaching as many potential customers as possible. 7cart technology can also help you stand out in a crowd by highlighting your business’s unique offerings. You can even create conversions using video, giving customers a better understanding of what they are purchasing. Placing your unique and profitable products front and center shows how special your business is, while maximizing sales potential.

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Sustainable Business Model Integration with Logicblock

Sustainable Business Model Integration- Where to Begin?

More people are choosing to go green. This is evident from the hybrid and electric cars more readily available, the amount of solar energy being harnessed across the country, and by people’s likelihood to choose a sustainable business partnership over one that does not promote environmentally conscious practices. How can you show your customers that not only are you focused on sustainability, but you are striving every day to be better? By integrating sustainability into your business model and/or philosophy, you are proving to your customers that you care not only about them and their business, but also the environment. 

Your Website 

One of the easiest ways to promote this is to have a specific landing page on your website that is entirely based on “Going Green”. This is where you can highlight statistics on paper usage, carbon footprint, and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you are stopping from being put into the environment. By offering products that are either recyclable or made from recycled materials, you are taking large steps towards sustainability. 

Your Actions 

Do you offer eco-friendly packaging? How about dedicated driver routes to cut down on how much gas the truck is using. Do you offer Public Transportation Commuter Benefits? These are some ways your actions as a company can have direct impacts on the environment. By showcasing these efforts, clients are more likely to not only choose your business, but also stay loyal to you.  

Your Community 

Community empowerment is an “outside the box” way to approach sustainability. Highlight your dedication by making charitable donations, whether monetary or otherwise. You can donate gently used furniture to a local school or library. This not only allows for a tax deduction but also keeps furniture out of landfills. Donate money to clean up a local park or work with a local company that offers carbon offsetting. Encourage your customers to focus on their geotargets to promote shopping locally.  

Other Ways to Help 

If you’re looking for a few ways to integrate sustainability into your everyday practices, we’ve got some ideas. While you may already do some of these, think about how you could utilize others in order to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

  • Recyclable Products 
  • Products Made from Recycled Materials 
  • Reduce Single-Use Items 
  • Donate What You Don’t Need or Use 
  • Reduce Paper Waste by Utilizing Cloud Storage 
  • Community Clean-Ups
  • Fundraising and Donation Matching 
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging 
  • Smart Electronics and Smart Lightbulbs 
  • Carbon Offsetting 
  • Offering Remote or Hybrid Work 
  • Public Transit Commuter Benefits 
Want to move to a more sustainable business model
by integrating a cloud-based website?

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Logicblock Customer Spotlight: Roby Supply

Customer Spotlight: Roby Supply 

Working with Roby Supply

Cleaner in a face mask showing her cleaning products

Roby Supply is a distributor of janitorial supplies in Dayton, Ohio. Their mission is to always strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and delivery. Roby was stsarted in the 1990s and is certified by Veterans Affairs as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), HubZone certified, National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC), Ohio Veteran owned, and Ohio ODOT DBE. We sat down with Michelle, who co-owns Roby Supply with her husband, to learn more about their partnership with Logicblock. 

Partnering with Logicblock

Prior to partnering with Logicblock, Roby utilized Sage 100 software and did not have a website. They currently utilize DDI software for their back-end system. Their main wholesaler, Essendant, told them about the Logicblock 7cart eCommerce platform, and this referral ultimately led them to choose Logicblock for their front-end customer website. During the set-up process, Roby utilized the Logicblock staff for assistance as they do not have a dedicated IT person on staff. As a small business, Michelle shared with us her top three things that other small businesses looking at Logicblock should know: 

  • It is easy to navigate. 
  • They have quick response. 
  • You get a professional looking website. 

How Roby has Benefitted 


Michelle stated that her favorite feature of Logicblock is that it maintains the monthly Essendant updates. Many small businesses do not have the time nor resources to maintain the many updates from vendors, but Logicblock makes it easy! Logicblock can manage product and category information updates automatically from the vendor on a regular basis, so you do not have to. Michelle also stated that it is “very easy for us to add new products and new vendors to our website.” With the constant changes in product availability the past few years, this is a definite benefit to Logicblock customers!

Ready to move your business over to Logicblock and realize the same benefits as Roby?


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Establish the Human Connection

Many consumers turn away from businesses when they feel their needs aren’t being addressed. Personalization is a key factor in supporting customer relationships. Understanding consumer data trends can allow you to reach out directly to the customer as well. Strategies that can maximize connection include recommendations curated on their search history, relevant discounts on products and services, and personalized e-mails and messages. These touches will help you establish a genuine relationship with the consumer and help leave them satisfied. Features such as Chatbots can also be effective at creating personalized relationships with consumers.

Get Creative with Your Marketing

Having a marketing strategy that is specific to your users can bring you added promising clientele. Ways of integrating these into your online store can include offering shopping across social media platforms, or bots equipped with FAQS. Also consider implementing tools such as LianaMonitor to gain insights into social channels. By doing so you will gain deeper insights into the shopping habits of your consumers. By having a flexible and dynamic marketing approach, attracting consumers can be become easier for your business.

Go All in On Mobile Shopping

Having the ability to shop while you’re on the move is essential these days. Mobile shopping options are a terrific way of attracting a wider variety of shoppers. Make sure your store is responsive on all devices on mobile and desktop; having your store work effortlessly is key to attracting sales and increased engagement. Another idea is to create surveys for your consumers, as getting their perspective on what works for them can help you build loyalty. The power of mobile cannot be understated when trying to streamline the user experience and Logicblock sites are 100% mobile-ready, making them an effective solution.

AR Technology

Getting a feel for an item online can be challenging but it does not have to be. Implementing Augmented Reality technology can allow you to show customers what a tangible product will look like in real time. Having this option will increase the accuracy of your customer’s purchase and leave them satisfied. The idea of making sure your customer gets the right product in their hands is key and AR Technology is the perfect tool to utilize for it.

Cross and Up-Selling Products

When selling to customers, it’s important to know which products are relevant to market. With discount and promo offers tailored specifically toward the user, you’re able to convert someone into a new regular for your business. The nature of cross- and up-selling products allows you to make meaningful connections with the consumer and create a lasting relationship. Creating those lasting relationships will allow you to build a steady customer base to support your growth. Heres’ some ways you can cross and up sell on your Logicblock site!

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The eCommerce Holiday 2021 Season

With the 2021 Holiday Season swiftly approaching, many eCommerce clients are wondering how to monetize the growth we’ve seen across the board from the last 20 months. US Holiday sales are expected to grow 8.5-10.5% in 2021, accelerating the normal 4.4% growth we’ve seen around the holidays in previous years. All despite supply chain issues, cabin fever settling in, and a diminished workforce. 

Increased Sales

Source: Google

Even since the first quarter of 2021, eCommerce sales have increased 7.6%, with an expected growth rate of 13.7% by the end of 2021. This is notable because not only have both suppliers and customers had to deal with supply chain issues, but also with a diminished workforce across the country. With fewer employees comes lower inventory and because of lower inventory, some suppliers have had to shift focus. They are focusing more on quality than quantity than ever before. This is one of the many factors that has allowed for such exceptional growth.  

Consistency & Reliability 

Consumers have stated that throughout the past 20 months, consistency and reliability mean more to them than ever before. Quality products received in a timely manner in good condition can be worth their weight in gold to the consumer.  

Free or Discounted Shipping

When it comes to the holidays, purchasing and fulfillment are time sensitive. Due to supply chain issues, many eCommerce clients have decided to ease the customers burdens by providing either free or discounted shipping options. This can help keep customers and clients loyal for many years after.  

Integrated Shopping

Social media shopping has become part of our normality, and targeted ads, especially around the holidays, are great influencers. The more we see the product, the more likely we are to purchase it. By monetizing this relatively new technology, eCommerce clients can stay on trend and have faster access to analytics for sales and growth opportunities.  

We’re confident that we can help you bring your eCommerce site to the next level. Try us for free to see for yourself. 

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Pricing Key To Small Business Survival

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “prices for all items less food and energy rose 3.8 percent for the year ended May 2021, the largest 12-month increase since the year ended June 1992.” As cost of goods continue to rise, pricing is going to make or break small businesses. The goal is to always remain competitive without losing significant margin. But, as pricing changes rapidly, automation is key to keep up with the trends. 

LogicBlock Integration with Item 411 Keeps Small Business Competitive 

Source: Google

If you don’t have pricing tools yet, you need them. Today’s landscape is vastly different than a year ago, much less 10 years ago! With online purchases continuing to rise, staying up-to-date and competitive with the big boxes and ecommerce stores is key. You may have the “shop local” advantage and great customer service, but without competitive pricing those things won’t matter. 

With Item 411, your team can create custom matrix pricing plans based on current market pricing and schedule this to automatically update your online storefront. You also have the option to show current market pricing from select competitors directly on your 7cart storefront, so your customers never leave your page. The key here is that this is all automated, so your team isn’t scrambling every morning to look at pricing. 

Have sales reps on the go that need pricing information in real-time? They can get all of this information in Item 411’s mobile-friendly format as well. And the best part is that Item411 is included with Logicblock’s Essentials and Professional Packages

“Fix” MarketXpert Helps Win Bids and Contracts Without Losing Profitability 

One of the best aspects of small business is seeing companies work together to compete against the big guys. MarketXpert is an enhanced version of Item411 for Essendant first-call customers that also integrates with LogicBlock and assists you in making informed decisions about margin and pricing strategies. This powerful tool cross-references competitor product pricing and helps take the guess-work out of bid strategy. 

Information Is Power

The more information you have easily accessible, the better you can compete in the market. Once you have Item411 or MarketXpert, you will realize that competing with ever changing pricing doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. Your team will be able to quickly answer questions like: 

  • How does your competition price specific items? 
  • Can you offer a better deal and remain profitable? 
  • Can pricing be adjusted to win that contract? 
  • Can you change product mix to reduce your customer’s budget? 
  • Can you substitute private label products to enhance the bid? 

Ready to win more business without losing profitability? Submit a ticket via our support site to learn more about integrating these tools today! 

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