Tips and Tricks to Capitalize on Seasonal Products

Seasonal products often have a shelf life that is limited to a specific time of year. While you can position some products as evergreen, most of the time seasonal products are just that – seasonal. So, how do you make the most of those products in the time of year when they are most relevant? […]

The 80/20 Rule: A Key Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Audience 

Building out your audience is essential for small businesses to succeed. But how? One useful method is applying the 80/20 rule to your marketing efforts.   What IS the 80/20 Rule? The 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto Principle) is all about identifying your best business assets and practices and using them effectively to maximize […]

How Positive Reviews Improve Your Business

As a business owner, it’s important how your customers perceive your products. Customer satisfaction is a key indicator as to whether a customer will be ‘one and done’ or a repeat purchaser. Embracing customer reviews is an effective method to gain valuable insights into your target audience’s wants and expectations. Despite the possibility of receiving […]

Carve Out Your eMarketplace to Compete with Amazon

You may not have giant warehouses or a staff of thousands, but you can still stay in the game and hold your own against even the largest eMarketplaces out there. Logicblock’s 7Cart system can help you. Here are six ways you can make your business competitive with big box e-tailers.   1.Know Your Market and Your […]

Improving Your Store, One Search at a Time 

In the 21st century customers expect access to your site no matter where they are or what device they are using. Take the next step from Just Accessible and make your ecommerce site the most engaging spot on the internet! Grant customers powerful search functionality that goes beyond finger tapping and into the realms of […]

Customization, Integration, and the Power of 7cart

Are you looking for an easy way to customize and integrate your website or online store with the best ecommerce tools available? Look no further than Logicblock and the power of our 7cart platform! With our easy-to-use customization and integration tools, you can create a unique online store that perfectly fits your business needs. Whether […]

Sustainability Through Ecommerce Segmentation

Catalog segmentation has become an increasingly important tool for online stores looking to promote sustainability and create a more enjoyable customer experience. By dividing products into categories and giving customers the ability to browse according to their interests and values, catalog segmentation can help online stores reach out to customers who care about sustainability while […]

Don’t Get Left Behind – Make the Switch Today! 

Set your calendar alerts! It’s time to say goodbye to third-party data and hello to GA4! Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest iteration of the most widely used web analytics platform, and with it come some major benefits. With GA4, you can get more accurate first-party data and gain insights into user behavior that […]

Create & Renovate FOR FREE With Logicblock’s Free Trial

For businesses like yours, change can be scary. Even a small change often involves risk and uncertainty, forcing companies to consider the potential impact on their sales, customer experience, and overall business operations. Time and resources required to implement change are major concerns, as any potential disruption to your business would be.  But with Logicblock, […]

Make the Most of Your Government Contracts with Logicblock Optimization

A good ecommerce site like yours is always looking for ways to cut costs and streamline processes, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. After all, the easier it is to make a sale, the more sales you can make in a day. General Services Administration (GSA) contracts are an invaluable resource for guaranteed prices, honest contracts, […]