Better Customer Support – The Wrong Way

Dell has started to offer a “premium” customer support option, for a premium price…in an attempt to regain their recent market loss.  There are many ways to improve your customer support from availability to accessibility to effect-ability.  Dell has apparently missed these conferences.

“Dell’s new premium support service is to provide a dedicated team of technical professionals which customers can contact directly for support of any Dell-branded product. This new fee-based offering is designed specifically for those customers who want to engage with the same dedicated team each time they have an issue with any of their in-warranty Dell-branded products.” — Dell Press Release

I think its great that Dell is trying to improve their customer service, but I think it’s a complete sham to have to pay for it. What does this say about their standard customer support?

It seems that Dell was trying to strengthen their brand with better customer support, but the way they have gone about offering it weakens their standard customer support in the consumers mind.

Hows your customer support?