Be Prepared for the Online Holiday Rush

According to a report provided from comScore, the 2009 eCommerce Holiday Spending
reached $27 billion.   This year will be no different — and I am
willing to bet that this number will rise even higher.

Design and Create Promotional Landing Pages that target your Holiday shoppers.
Entice your visitors to buy from you by giving them time-sensitive
pricing incentives that are only available during the holidays.
Showcase your top performing products on holiday themed landing page
with great offers.

  • “20% off when purchasing $50 or more before X date.”
  • “Free t-shirt included when you purchase before X date.”

Maybe your visitors are interested in your products, but not committed
to purchasing immediately. Help convert these visitors to customers by
giving them incentive to sign up for exclusive promotional offers.
“Sign up for exclusive holiday deals only available for existing or new
subscribers. This Special will expire on X Date. Sign up now to secure
your discount!”

Write website content that is optimized for the long-tail of “holiday” keywords.
Writing website content that includes references to your products and
the holiday keywords will help your website rank better for these
longer-tail words in the search engines. Remember to have references
that link to pages explaining holiday promotions for specific products
and categories.

For example, if you sell office supplies, you could create website
content around the subject of holiday specials for your products.

  • “5 Reasons Office Supplies Make Awesome Holiday Gifts”
  • “3 Great Office Gifts for your Boss”
  • “Christmas Sales Expected to Grow Even More in 2010 – Is your Office Ready?”

Send Holiday marketing emails and use lead nurturing.
Increase your holiday revenue by nurturing your visitors that haven’t
committed to a purchase and rewarding your existing customers with
exclusive offers. Existing customers have already purchased from you
and like your products — reward and entice them to buy more for their
friends and family! Send an email reminding your existing customers
that the holidays are quickly approaching, and that you are offering
them an exclusive, limited time offer. Give a coupon code with a
reminder that this code will expire by “X” date. Make sure that this
email includes links back to either your blog posts about your most
popular seasonal items or landing pages designed to show additional
value for shopping early.

Additionally, you should use lead nurturing emails to leverage the
holiday season in your favor by placing new leads into campaigns
designed entice earlier purchases. Remembering to segment your lead
nurturing campaigns is an important step. If a visitor comes to your
website and is interested in getting a special holiday deal on jackets,
make sure that you send them emails designed to sell jackets, not shoes!

Monitor and promote your brand and products in social media with holiday keywords.
Monitoring and promoting your most popular products is essential for
eCommerce stores in 2010. Tracking holiday centric keywords is an
advanced skill that can help you sell more. Instead of just tracking
the keyword “Musto boots” track “Musto boots christmas” and “Musto boats
holiday present.” Tracking these terms in Twitter will allow you to see
tweets that say, “All I want for Christmas are Musto Boots!” and “Are Musto boots for my daughter for a good holiday present?” You could then
engage these tweeters to let them know about your new article “5 Reasons
Musto Boots and Slippers Will Dominate Holiday Gifts”. Or you could send
them links to a landing page that offers 20% Off Musto Boots when signing
up for promotional discount emails.