An eCommerce Christmas Tale

So guess what today is? We’ll wait. Nope, not your anniversary (unless it is…go grab flowers!). Give up? Today is actually the last day you have to really take advantage of the upcoming winter season.

No, I have no idea what day you’re actually reading this, but it doesn’t matter. The point stands that this is the very last day you have to squeeze as much money as you can from Christmas, Hannukah, and everything in between.

Why is today the last day before it all goes south? Obviously there are days in between now and the holidays. But what this really means is every day you don’t have your online store ready for Christmas you’re losing money. It’s all flying away on Santa’s sleigh.

Better Watch Out

For example, do you know what the big sales item of the season is? No? This is what we mean by losing money. There are undoubtedly items in your field that are flying off the shelves, and you’re not there to take advantage. You’re bleeding money by not being prepared!

Shoppers buy early for the holidays, whether you want them to or not. So you might as well bite the bullet and make money off of it.

Start looking into what the hot items of the season are and feature them on your website. Even better, see if you can predict what a future hot ticket item might be and ride the wave to success. It’s already September, so many of the fast track products have been picked out – but not all of them. Some are still waiting for you to feature them so you make lots of money!

Better Not Cry

Another thing you’re missing out on is an attempt to market to new customers. During the holidays, there’s a mad rush to find everything you need before the big day comes. If one place sells out, you go somewhere else.

If your store isn’t prepared for the rush, then folks won’t know to go to your store. They will simply overlook you and go elsewhere. It’s that simple. Not only have you lost current sales, but you’ll also miss out on potential long-term customers as well.

With this in mind, don’t think you can just list items for the holidays and expect people to buy your entire inventory. You have to put yourself out there, or else you’ll get lost in the craziness and cacophony that is the Christmas season!

If you fail to squeeze as much money as you can out of the holidays, you have no one to blame but yourself – so no crying! If you feel it’s too early as summer isn’t even nearly over yet, that’s ok. Feel those feelings for a moment – and then set them aside so you can make some of that money that’s floating around out there!