5 Useful Mobile Apps for Online Sellers

There are a ton of great software programs that aid you with your online selling career. However, you’re not always at your computer, and you probably find yourself staring at your phone more than anything. Luckily, there are a ton of apps that are just as (if not more) useful than the ones on your laptop or desktop. Here are 5 we really love!

1. Hootsuite
Online sellers are all about social media, and you need something that works with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms you post on. Hootsuite has a really nifty mobile app that allows you to do almost everything you normally do on your laptop, including look at social media stat reports (who’s clicking? What post was retweeted the most?). It’s also great for adding and removing people from special lists if you meet new people when you’re out and about and want to keep tabs on them through social networks.

2. Dropbox
You need your files around all the time, but don’t want to keep a bunch of doubles and backups on your phone. Dropbox lets you transfer files you store on their server between any computer you happen to be on, including your smartphone! Even better, you can set up folders for others to view so you can share files between team members.

3. Toodledo
No, it’s not what you say to all the antique store owners you meet while scouring for product for resale online. Toodledo is an app that helps keep your day in order. It’s easy to get caught up while you’re running about having meetings, packing shipments and catching up on other tasks. How do you make sure you get everything done in the day and in a timely manner? Instead of throwing everything on a notepad, use Toodledo to organize your day by order of importance.

4. ShopSavvy
While you’re looking for new products to sell it’s sometimes tough to tell if the price you’re looking at is what you would get for it on the ‘net. Download ShopSavvy to get a better idea of what the product may get you when you put it on your own store. Simply scan the barcode and instantly get a summary of the prices around town.

5. Jump Desktop
Sometimes nothing but your home computer will do, especially if you forgot a file and it isn’t in Dropbox. In this case you need Jump Desktop. It’s computer access from your mobile phone without all the hassle of crazy network issues. You can get Jump Desktop up and running your home computer in a matter of minutes, meaning you could go from cancelling a meeting to securing a product chain in no time flat.
There are plenty more business savvy smartphone apps out there, and more being created everyday. Do you have a go-to smartphone app for your ecommerce business?