5 Ideas for Your Email Marketing Messages

So you’ve gotten your email list going. Now what to do? Email your customers and fans, of course! But eventually you may run out of things to say, especially if you’ve been at it a while. But if you plan ahead you’ll no doubt have an endless supply of interesting things to send to your fans.

Sometimes, though, it’s tough to come up with ideas in a pinch. To help you along, we’ve put together five ideas guaranteed to not only keep people around but bring in even more clicks.

1. Giveaway

We hate to say it, but people love getting stuff for free! And even if there’s just a slight chance they’ll win a prize they will be happy to spend a few seconds signing up for an email newsletter or visiting a dedicated landing page. You can’t give stuff away all the time, though, so make sure you have some solid follow-ups. But while the promotion goes on you can certainly milk it for all it’s worth with teasers and related news.

2. Company News

Though not for everyone, company news can make a good subject for email updates. Obviously not everything that goes on behind closed doors is newsworthy or should be shared, but people do like to know things are running smoothly.

Has someone moved up or a beloved member stepped down? Consider sending the news out in your next message. This is especially true if it could potentially affect the company in some way one day down the line.

3. Product Updates and Innovations

Have you discovered a brand new way for your product to be used – or better yet, has a customer reached a similar conclusion? Now’s the perfect time to share it with your email group! Product innovations like this keep your company looking fresh even when you haven’t released anything new in months. Plus, if there’s an update to your product (either an improvement or fix) be sure to mention it.

4. Surveys

The thing people like almost as much as getting stuff for free is handing out their opinions. Give them a chance to do so by sending surveys and/or polls in your emails. They can be about anything from updates to the website to the state of affairs in Syria. Make sure it fits with your audience, though, and remember to send them the results!

5. Showcase Other Products

Here’s a nutty idea: help sell some other company’s stuff! If it sounds preposterous, then consider what the real point of your email list is. If it’s just to sell more product you may be approaching it the wrong way.

Email marketing is more about keeping your customers updated and happy. And part of this happiness is learning ways to make their lives easier. When that happens they’ll remember who helped them be happier, including companies like yours. Just don’t recommend anything unscrupulous!