The Small Things

Few weeks ago my ipod went through the washing machine.
Which sucked. I use it for running with
my Nike+ shoes and system. I then realized
I would no longer have Lance Armstrong to yell in my ear to get me to run up
the morning’s hills the next day. So I
got myself into the truck and headed down to the Apple Store to buy a new ipod.

I got to the store, found what I was looking, got a little
bit more upset after seeing how much money I was going to have to drop on it,
then I got in line to check out. While waiting in line an Apple employee came
up to me and asked if I was paying with a credit card. I said yes and he
checked me out on a pocket computer and I was off. It was amazing as I was
walking back to my car I was no longer thinking about how much it sucked that
my ipod broke, that I had to drive down to the Apple Store, and that I had to
pay my hard earned money on a new one.

I was only thinking about how awesome Apple was because an
employee went above what was required of him and saved me at the most 5 minutes
waiting in line. Once again it just proves that your brand is more than just
your logo, your products, etc… It is all the small things as well. At Logicblock our vision includes all the
small things.