Customization, Integration, and the Power of 7cart

Are you looking for an easy way to customize and integrate your website or online store with the best ecommerce tools available? Look no further than Logicblock and the power of our 7cart platform! With our easy-to-use customization and integration tools, you can create a unique online store that perfectly fits your business needs. Whether […]

Sustainability Through Ecommerce Segmentation

Catalog segmentation has become an increasingly important tool for online stores looking to promote sustainability and create a more enjoyable customer experience. By dividing products into categories and giving customers the ability to browse according to their interests and values, catalog segmentation can help online stores reach out to customers who care about sustainability while […]

Don’t Get Left Behind – Make the Switch Today! 

Set your calendar alerts! It’s time to say goodbye to third-party data and hello to GA4! Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest iteration of the most widely used web analytics platform, and with it come some major benefits. With GA4, you can get more accurate first-party data and gain insights into user behavior that […]