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Integrating Rakuten LinkShare with Logicblock’s eCommerce platform offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for enhancing online retail performance. The synergy between the two allows you to tap into Rakuten LinkShare’s extensive network of publishers and affiliate programs, driving more targeted traffic to your Logicblock online store. The in-depth analytics and reporting features from both platforms provide a holistic view of your sales funnel, from customer acquisition through affiliate marketing to final sales and inventory tracking on Logicblock.

The combination of Rakuten LinkShare and Logicblock also enables higher conversion rates, streamlined operations, and multi-channel marketing opportunities. Rakuten LinkShare’s industry-leading technology and strategic counsel can optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns, which complements Logicblock’s user-friendly and customizable shopping experience. This ensures not just increased top-line revenue, but also improved bottom-line profitability. Additionally, Rakuten LinkShare’s global network pairs seamlessly with Logicblock’s capabilities to manage multiple online stores, making it easier to scale your business internationally.

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Rakuten LinkShare is a leading affiliate marketing network, aimed at building profitable, long-term relationships between advertisers and publishers. Voted as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network by industry professionals, Rakuten LinkShare offers a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions including affiliate programs, display advertising, influencer marketing, and more. With over 25 years of expertise, the platform utilizes industry-leading technology and offers strategic counsel to help you discover new customers and increase conversions.

Whether you’re a brand looking to expand your reach, or a publisher seeking to monetize your platform, Rakuten LinkShare provides insights, attribution models, and a global network to help you succeed. The platform serves various industries, including Financial Services, Retail, and Travel, making it a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Take advantage of Rakuten LinkShare’s robust offerings and join the ranks of advertisers and publishers who have seen enhanced performance and profitability.

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