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Supercharge your online store with the integration of Item411 and LogicBlock’s e-commerce software.

This powerful alliance brings you the best of both worlds: Item411’s real-time competitive pricing intelligence coupled with LogicBlock’s robust e-commerce capabilities. Effortlessly adjust your product pricing based on market trends, gain a competitive edge, and enhance customer satisfaction, all from within your Logicblock dashboard. Make informed pricing decisions and bidding strategies to maximize profitability while retaining customers. Elevate your e-commerce game today with the unmatched benefits of Item411 and LogicBlock working in harmony.

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Celebrate 23 years of market-leading competitive intelligence with the all-new Item411, designed to give independent dealers an unprecedented edge. Refined over more than two decades and rebuilt with Microsoft’s MVC technology, Item411 offers you an exhaustive database of real-time market and competitor pricing. Navigate with ease between desktop and mobile views, choose from several new chain sources, and utilize custom settings perfect for sales reps on the go. Our new Quick View buttons and the ability to add quantity and price make bidding easier than ever.

But that’s not all. Integrated with Market Xpert and Bid Wizard, Item411 equips you with robust tools for smart bidding and contract pricing, all backed by the expansive OPSoftware suite. Bid Wizard alone has processed over 379,500 bids, converting and matching items from multiple sources in record time. Additional management features, mobile accessibility, and seamless back-end integrations via Connect411 make Item411 the go-to solution for your competitive pricing needs. Whether you’re looking to outsmart the chains, adjust product mixes, or simply stay profitable in a volatile market, Item411 delivers the information you need, right at your fingertips.

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