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Get Started with Google Analytics

Logicblock is already plug-and-play integrated with Google Analytics, along with hundreds of additional great eCommerce Apps.

Easy Setup

Easily integrate Google Analytics into your 7cart store with our hassle-free app. The setup is quick and requires no coding skills—just two simple steps. Select the version of Google Analytics you’d like to use, either Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4, and then input the respective tracking ID or measurement ID. Activating or deactivating is as simple as a single click!

Once activated, you’re instantly connected to the robust capabilities of Google Analytics. Unlock valuable insights about your website visitors and optimize your 7cart store’s sales performance—all with just a click.

Learn more about Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a useful and convenient tool to track store data through Google analytics. It allows you to take advantage of the contemporary features of Google Analytics 4. You can get an in-depth overview of your store visitors through seamless integration with the Google Analytics tool.

Running an online business can be frustrating at times. But you don’t have to worry about not knowing what’s going on when there are powerful tools like Google Analytics for retail online stores that give a detailed analysis of the visitor’s behavior and how it affects your sales data. It enables you to see more information from your customers so you know where your customers are coming from, what their preferences are so that you can tailor future efforts accordingly to foster improved online marketing strategies!

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