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Boost your Logicblock eCommerce storefront with the power of eKomi’s cutting-edge customer feedback management platform. Integrate eKomi directly into your Logicblock eCommerce solution to collect authentic, transaction-based reviews that not only build trust but also amplify your online presence. With our APIs seamlessly integrated into Google products, your website benefits from search engine optimized user-generated content, making it easier than ever for potential customers to find you. And thanks to eKomi’s 24/7 review screening, you can ensure that all reviews are not only genuine but also beneficial for building a positive brand image.

Navigating the complexities of online sales can be daunting, but eKomi simplifies this journey by offering legally-compliant, scalable, and secure SaaS solutions. Gain valuable market insights and enjoy peace of mind with review collection methods that are free from legal complications. The eKomi platform also enables Logicblock users to activate Google’s seller rating extension, a crucial feature for outpacing competitors in the increasingly crowded eCommerce landscape. What’s more, eKomi’s feedback management platform is robust enough to handle the demands of your growing business while remaining flexible to adapt to your specific needs.

In today’s fast-paced digital market, customer satisfaction is the most reliable avenue for growth, and eKomi makes it easier to achieve this with your Logicblock eCommerce storefront. Take advantage of eKomi’s state-of-the-art social commerce solutions to drive more visitors to your site, increase conversion rates, and protect against malicious reviews. With eKomi, you’re not just implementing a tool; you’re adopting a comprehensive strategy for long-term eCommerce success. Get in touch today and see how eKomi can elevate your Logicblock storefront to new heights.

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

eKomi delivers legally-compliant SaaS solutions that allow you to position your third-party validated customer ratings in response to constantly evolving social commerce trends for greater ROI. Not only do we provide insight into market strategy, but also review collection methods that free you from legal complications. Our solutions guarantee a review management tool that is consistently safe and secure.

Trusted, authentic, transaction-based.

eKomi offers a unique platform where consumers communicate their verifiable experiences to one another. eKomi charters one of the most elite, vast Customer Feedback Management teams which personally screens every single review collected, 24/7 for our clients.

Google Ratings

Ever since going social and integrating reviews into AdWords™ and Google Shopping™, Google has opened a new dimension of value for customer reviews.

Activating Google’s seller rating extension is crucial for businesses to thrive in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.

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eKomi, The Feedback Company is Europe’s premiere & largest independent provider of transaction-based reviews & ratings.

eKomi’s groundbreaking social commerce technology enables online businesses to generate seller ratings, customer reviews, product reviews, social recommendations, and create viral effects on websites, social media, and search engines allowing for a successful revenue generating impact for businesses.

eKomi offers innovative, easy-to-implement SaaS solutions to gather both customer and product reviews. Once collected, they are reviewed by eKomi’s Feedback Management team, and then published online and syndicated to all major search engines.

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