Logicblock Service

We understand that shop owners don't exactly have a ton of time to custom make their own web store. That's no problem with 7cart. Our staff is fully prepared to make the exact online store that you need to get your business started.

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Our solution is made with the understanding that not all merchants are the same and designed it to be optimized for any system.


We are fully capable of integrating external solutions or systems you’ve used to run your business up until now and forever after – even if they are in-house software you’ve developed yourself.


All your customers have the ability to bring everything you have to offer right into their new Logicblock experience.


7cart is all about optimization. But more than that, companies want the familiarity of doing things their way. All Partners


Custom Development

You might have specific needs that are not covered out of the box. We are open to customize 7Cart to your business requirements and preferences.


What’s the ideal website for your business? No matter how complicated, simple, or bizarre your ideas, you want your website to stand out from the rest. At Logicblock, we say if you can dream it, you can make it! Our design and development options mean you’ll get exactly the site you want for your company and nothing less.


People can’t buy from you if they can’t find you! Luckily for you, Logicblock has all the SEO features built-in for you to optimize your website to the fullest.


Websites are useless if they don’t work correctly. With the proper database, your site and store will run smooth as silk. This includes credit card payment processing for your store, private login areas for customers, and photo galleries for your products. Everything you need for your website is backed up and totally secure on monitored servers.


You want to take care of your website and sell product, not put up with a bunch of back-end management and hosting issues. This is precisely why we offer fully managed hosting – with emphasis on the “fully!”. We take care of all the website issues you may encounter before they ever happen. Plus, any and all applications associated with your website are taken care of by us.