Create & maintain your website content & catalog.

You only get one first impression.  Make it count.

Easy to use Content Manager

Manage everything in your store all from the same program. 

Build menus, write FAQs, and add options like Top 10 lists and Website Policies.

Your online store comes with a full-featured content management system with dynamic content blocks/widgets for complete flexibility.

With unlimited content, you can build out your website as much as you’d like and showcase your expertise. 

  • Product Catalog Management

    Multiple product descriptions, images, details, variants and attributes for unlimited possibilities.

  • Dynamic and tiered Categories​

    Tie products across multiple dynamic or traditional categories, sub-categories, related products and more.

  • Products and Attibutes

    Create unlimited product types and product attributes that can be used for display, product comparison, faceted search, and much more.

  • Contracts Pricing and Lists

    Manage multiple competitive price lists with differential pricing, automatically and dynamically across multiple channels.

  • Website Policies

    Let your customers know what will happen to their information. Let customers know when their items will ship. Let customers know how and if you accept returns. Create your own policies to display in the customer service area.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Optionally, require customers to agree to your site’s terms and conditions before purchase.

  • File Manager

    Organize and manage your images and documents on your site.

  • Create Unlimited Web Pages

    Landing Pages, Informational Pages, Whatever Pages... Add content pages to your store with a click. No programming required.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Our eCommerce solution gives you all the tools that you need be Search Engine Friendly, which leads to increased click through rates and rank higher in organic search results.

  • Website Menus

    Create your own navigation menus using our intuitive forms. No HTML programming required. Standard and Mega Menu builders.

  • Built-in Blogging Engine

    Publish a blog with posts for information, updates, news, etc.

  • Custom Content Sections

    25+ Built-in Content Blocks. Easily add and reposition content "widgets" to your site. Within content areas, content blocks allow you to display different content in different ways using a WYSIWYG editor. Content blocks have display conditions allowing you to show personalized content depending on the visitor.

  • Store Address

    Add your store location for contact forms and shipping calculations. Store Contact Form with Customizable Fields:  Let customers contact you via a web form. Add your own questions and comment fields.

  • Help/FAQ's

    Add frequently asked questions to your store from the admin without programming.

Managing Your Catalog

Does your current eCommerce provider give you the flexibility you need to manage your catalog the way you want?

With Logicblock, you can easily update, delete, or add items with 7cart’s intuitive program. Your products can be as dynamic or as simple as you want them to
be – it’s completely up to you. Keep everything in order according to manufacturer, type, or even user rating.

7cart also allows batch editing so you can customize more products at one time.


Create categories and subcategories to lay down an ordered hierarchy or framework that will not only help you, the merchant, to organize products to be sold within the store, but also to help customers be able to find the products within your store they are shopping for.

You have the most flexibility with 7cart eCommerce categories with features including:

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Sub-Categories – unlimited depth
  • Dynamic Categories
  • Display and Template Options
  • HTML Rich Descriptions

Unlimited Products - Total Flexibility

Create and maintain unlimited products individually or with our export/import catalog capabilities.

Individual prices and costs, product descriptions, search keywords, shipping information, product type, properties and everything else can easily be changed on a single screen.

7cart allows you to fully customize each product page to display the relevant content. Tons of product management features including:

  • HTML Rich Product Descriptions
  • Multiple Product Images with alternate views
  • Multi-Vendor Costs and Inventory
  • Properties/Attributes/Relationships
  • Multi-Category Placement
  • Dynamic Pricing


eCommerce Features