What To Look For In Your Site Search Data

Knowing information from your site search data is an essential part of your eCommerce strategy. It can give you great insight on the top products your customers search for, how to increase your online store’s revenue, and whether or not you need to tweak your product listings. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about site search data.

Why is it Important to Look at Your Site Search Data?

Looking at your site’s search data will help you with your overall marketing strategy. From what products to promote throughout the year, to what items are best sellers, knowing what your users are searching for, and checking to see if your product listings are optimized for their searches.

How Do I Get Site Search Queries Within 7cart?

To view your search queries within 7cart, go to your store admin. Go to the top navigation bar and select Reports -> Misc -> Keyword Searches.

You will then see a list of query phrases, which are the keywords that your customers are using. Count means how many times that query was searched for. Product count will give you how many products are generated within the search results for the query phrase.

What’s My Next Step?

Now that you know what keywords your consumers enter, you can do two things. Optimizing your listings within 7cart will be the first thing. Ensure that your keyword query is somewhere within your title. If you have multiple keywords associated with your product, be careful of “stuffing” too many keywords into your title because search engines could penalize your site. Your site search data can also help you ensure that these keywords are also used in your SEO and PPC strategies.

What Can I Do To View What’s Selling and What’s Not?

The top products your customers search for might also be the top selling products on your site. Within your 7cart site admin, you can find your five best sellers on the dashboard.

For a more detailed report of your bestsellers, go to your store admin and go to Reports -> Product -> Bestsellers. You can also look at what items are slow sellers. For those products, it’s best to check that the search keywords are correct for your low selling products. More information on advanced search modifications can be found here.

How Do I View My Site Search Data in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool to examine eCommerce data within your site and can provide additional insight into your site’s search data. In your Google Analytics account, go to the admin tab, and click on “view settings.” Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Site search Tracking” to turn it on.

What Should I Look for Within Google Analytics About Site Search?

This depends on your overall goal. Here’s a basic outline of each of the metrics shown regarding within Google Analytics:

  • Sessions with Search: The overall number of sessions that used your site’s search function.
  • Total Unique Searches: Total number of times your site search was used. This does not include multiple searches with the same keyword during the same session.
  • Results Pageviews/Search: How many times results were shown/Total Unique Searches.
  • Search Exits: The number of times the session ended immediately after a search.
  • Percentage of Search Exits: Search Exits/ Total Unique Searches
  • Search refinements: How many times another search started after one search.
  • Percentage of Search Refinements: Percentage of all searches that had refinements.
  • Time After Search: How much time was spent on your site after performing a search.
  • Search Depth: Number of pages viewed after a search.

Time after search and search exits can give you an idea of whether or not someone completed a transaction after a search. Search refinements might give you a hint at whether or not consumers are purchasing more than one product from your business.

Understanding the search terms your customers are using and identifying opportunities to increase sales are important. Using the information above, you can become a smarter online retailer and help redefine your sales strategies. If you have any further questions about search data on your 7cart site, please contact us.

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