Three Big Tips for Customer Retention

It’s such hard work actually getting customers to come to your shop and spend money that it seems crazy to even consider making them come back. Usually the business owner’s thoughts are how to find more people and inspire an even larger crowd to come next time.

However, it’s very important to get your old customers to become customers once again. Not only does it bring you more money, it significantly increases the chance your business will become booming. Repeat customers are much more likely to tell their friends and family about your store and website which can grow your brand quickly.

To help you with customer retention, try the following tips.

1. Don’t Misread Customers

Many businesses suffer from “I know what you want” syndrome. They gain some positive sales and suddenly know what all their customers want and need. They stop innovating and become totally sure what they’re doing is the absolute best choice.

You can never stop listening to your customers. As soon as you do that, you’re going to lose them, especially repeat customers. For example, you may THINK your top attribute is customer service – but a simple chat or poll will show you that’s your weakest link. Or you could think your customers want you to focus on improving your product when they really want you to lower prices.

Use whatever tools you can to really learn about each and every one of your customers – social media, surveys, or just call or email them and ask them how you’re doing. Offer an incentive like a 10% discount or the chance to win a prize to get them talking. Generally they’ll be glad to tell you what’s on their mind, especially since it ultimately benefits them.

2. Discounts and Promotions

This is another area where business owners like to focus on new customers. You come up with a ton of great incentives to bring in new business – 20% off for first-time buyers! Sign up today and get a free whatever! Call me now for a free reading! Meanwhile your long time customers are sitting in the corner wondering what they did wrong.

Try to imagine the scenario from their shoes. They just spent $100 on your new product plus another $50 on upgrades to make it the best electronic device in their home. Soon after you offer newbies the product and upgrade together for $100 total. Your old customer will be irritated to learn they spent so much.

When coming up with discounts and promotions think of both new and established customers. Since you’ve likely collected customer data, email promotions to previous customers so newbies don’t even see them. This could also make established customers feel special.

3. Set Expectations…Then Shatter Them

Every time you visit an online store there’s a certain expectation. You want them to provide excellent customer service and help you find what you need so you can pay for it and get out of there. You also want them to help you out when you need it.

On top of that, the store itself sets expectations. If they talk about their “down home feel” you expect to be treated like family when you go in. If they say they’re a technological wonderland you expect to have your socks blown off.

Your store must set your own expectations – then go way above and beyond. If you say you have the best customer service, it can’t just be serviceable. It has to consistently wow every person who visits your website. If you say your product is the best, it can’t just be decent. Figure out each day how to blow your customers’ minds and they’ll be sure to come back.

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