Last Minute Holiday Ecommerce Selling Tips

With the holidays fast approaching, and some retailers even setting their holiday shipping deadlines from just a day or two from now, it’s tempting for ecommerce sellers to believe that the holiday selling season is drawing to a close. But if you are one of those dedicated online sellers who chooses to stick it out and sell right up until the Big Day itself, there are a few tips that might help you maximize your returns:

  • Know your audience – People shopping from work dominate holiday season shopping this late in the game. Be sure to appeal to their work schedules. Further, last minute shoppers also tend to buy smaller ticket items, so forget promotion your iPads or barbecue grills and focus on lower priced gift items.
  • Know peak shopping times – According to, peak weekday shopping occurs between noon and 3pm EST, with the most sales occurring around 1pm. Keep these time frames in mind when manning your store or a customer service chat or phone line.
  • Take advantage of modern packing and shipping expectations – A few years ago, ecommerce holiday shopping would taper off sharply around 10 days before Christmas. But over the past few years, that time has shrunk to 7-days. According to, this is probably caused by consumer’s awareness that ecommerce sellers and carriers are faster than ever. If you can get a package to a client in 2days, be sure that those last minute shoppers know it.
  • Know work schedules – Since Christmas itself falls on various days every year, it’s sometimes possible to squeeze a little extra holiday profits out of the holiday season, especially now that people are shopping later than ever. This year, Christmas Eve falls on Friday, meaning that many people will find themselves working (and potentially shopping) right up until the Thursday before Christmas. Consider offering expedited shipping deals for shoppers who might have left their shopping to the very last minute.
  • Don’t stop at Christmas Day – After the wrapping paper is cleared and the family has gone home well-fed and full of holiday cheer, consumers are still in a shopping frame of mind. The two days after Christmas as well as January and much of February are still extremely active for online stores. After the holidays, for example, is a great time to wow new customers who might visit your store after being gifted with one of your items.

The holiday season can be onerous and wearing for ecommerce sellers, but don’t give up just because the end is in sight. A solid plan and a one-two punch as the end of the season can be just what makes your holidays sales a knockout.  

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