Combine the power of Logicblock’s turn-key hosted 7cart eCommerce platform with our wide range of complimentary services and integrations to get the solutions you need.


We combine the power of our top-rated ecommerce platform 7cart with a suite of complementing ecommerce services to provide world-class ecommerce solutions.

Through advice, design, development, and support of your ecommerce eco-system, we form long-term partnerships, allowing you to focus on product development, marketing, merchandising, and customer service.


7cart eCommerce is the feature packed enterprise-class platform that powers multichannel eCommerce and omni-channel solutions, handling any blend of brand, catalog, B2B, B2C, customization or integration requirements.


Not all eCommerce systems are created equal.

We provide a full range of professional eCommerce services, including built-in integrations, data migrations, consulting, design, development, system integrations, support, and more.



We dedicate a substantial amount of time to understanding how your business works rather than just tossing you estimates and invoices for a website that will fall short of what your business truly needs.
We believe your success is shared with ours, so we want to make sure we help you as best as we can.

Your website, your data

Reports, exports, imports, ports and ports and ports for yours truly.

Complete Supplier Integration

No 3rd parties needed!  Logicblock has built in-house, direct integrations with several wholesalers, vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers across many verticals.  

We help save time and money by loading and managing partner vendor catalogs, as well as the ability to electronically transmit orders, receive acknowledgements, and tracking information bidirectionally for fulfillment or other purposes.

Catalog Integrations & Management

With our Multi-Vendor Catalog service, we can manage product and category information updates automatically your suppliers routinely along with your ability to create unlimited additional products.

Electronic Orders & Purchasing

Easily flow through the order fulfillment and purchasing process. Logicblock supports electronic integrations with multiple vendors and ERP’s, many of which are built-in. Fulfill from stocked inventory or transmit the order to your suppliers/vendors.

Shipping Notices & Invoices

Once orders are sent to your supplier, view real-time acknowledgements, confirmations, and other supplier responses. Shipping and Tracking numbers are automatically applied to orders and customer shipping confirmations are emailed.

Inventory Management

Automatically sync with your supplier's warehouses inventory levels as frequently as hourly, along with real-time inventory lookups. Pull inventory automatically from your back-end or ERP as well as Multi-Vendors warehouses.

Dynamic Market Pricing & Costs

Accurate market pricing from the Big-Box competition along with accurate costs from your suppliers. Beat them at their own pricing games and never go below your margin floor. Fully automated.

Marketing & Search Integrations

Wholesalers like Essendant and SPR have additional search, analytics, and/or remarketing services that Logicblock ensures are seamlessly and fully integrated.

Content Services

In addition to the typical product and category content we support electronic content delivery systems that supplement your website with additional information – Videos, files, links, banners, landing pages and even dynamic behavioral-based call to actions.

Flexibility and Control

Override the managed Catalog & Search.
While we understand that suppliers like to help with catalog, search, and placement, one fact remains: This is YOUR SITE on YOUR DOMAIN name, so you should have final say and control over everything.

our Philosophy


We dedicate a substantial amount of time to understanding how your business works rather than just tossing you estimates and invoices for a website that will fall short of what your business truly needs.
We believe your success is shared with ours, so we want to make sure we help you as best as we can.

Support Is Our Top Priority

In-house Support. We take pride in providing responsive support services that set us apart from the competition. We are able to provide a more hands-on approach to customers by assigning teams to each deployment, project, tasks and, more importantly, providing free ongoing support.

We Play Well With Others

Want to integrate? Let's integrate! Logicblock can be the central hub to your best-of-breed eCommerce technology stack. We love integrating eCommerce and related solutions that benefit our customers. There is a plethora of built-in third party partners and apps.

Unlimited Seats

No licensed, seats, or limits. We strive to provide the same level of support and services, regardless of size. Unlimited admin users without limitations as your busines grows.

No Contracts

Binding service contracts are a pain and you should not be committed to stay with a solution... WE are committed to providing a you solution. No contracts here.

Simple Pricing

We like keeping things simple. Flat monthly pricing. No menu of options. No seats/licenses. No transaction, hosting, support, or surprise fees. No price increases.

Easy to Use

Complete content area and content block control for non-technical users via the built-in content management and administration system that is as easy as composing an email along with WYSIWYG editors.

Fully Hosted

Premium hosting services provided for our customers on superior hosting solutions included with ALL deployments. Enterprise and secure eCommerce, serviced & maintained.


Constantly evolving with frequent new releases and rich features future proofing your investment. As we own and develop the platform in house, it can be moulded to your exact requirements and designs.

Protected and Secured

For organizations concerned about the safety and security of hosting their data, systems, or applications in the cloud, we provide peace of mind – all advantages over the traditional, on-premise solutions.

eCommerce is in our DNA

7cart was born to be a fluid SAAS eCommerce platform. The Best-of-Breed approach give you the flexibility to use the best tools to suit your needs. We're always 100% focused on enhancing and adding to our solution.


Our experience has shown us that being transparent and honest about our capabilities and limitations is the best approach. We do not try to sell you solutions, we show you how our solution works.

In Any Vertical

Sell any type of product including:
Janitorial, Office, Medical, Industrial, Safety, Restaurant, Furniture, Ink & Toner, Technology, Clothing, Breakroom, or Automotive products; You sell it, we can support it.

No Risk, No Commitment, Free Trial

Taste the cake before you buy it. We setup and deploy a full production deployment for you before you even sign up. Yup, that's access to our full storefront and backend solution and additional features with no commitment, just to prove ourselves.

Apps & Integrations

Logicblock enables you to integrate & automate your business with thousands of built-in apps, allowing you to get more done in less time.

Leveraging these best of breed third party apps, you can customize and expand your eCommerce features and capabilities.

Everything from Analytics (including Google Analytics 4), Marketing Automation, Payment Gateways, Taxes, to Zapier.

Storefront and Back-End

Responsive, B2X Storefront
Cutting-edge Storefront
  • 100% Mobile-Ready
  • SEO friendly
  • Rich Product Details
  • Total Storefront Customization
  • Unlimited Content
  • Search and Navigation
  • Managed Catalog / Multi-Vendor Services
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Customer Account Tools
B2B Account Functionality with purchasing policies with unlimited approval levels

  • Contract Pricing
  • Sub Users, Purchasing Policies
  • Order History
  • Quotes, Saved Carts
  • Shopping Lists, Favorites
  • Address Books, Departments, and much more
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Complete Flexibility
Unlimited content and control of your website on the most SEO friendly solution on the market.

  • 100% Search Engine Friendly
  • Full Content Control
  • Homepage, Categories, Products
  • Landing pages, Informational pages, Services, faq’s, etc.
  • Marketing, Blog posts, Promotions
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Fully Customized Designs and Layouts
Unlimited Design Options
Fully customize your theme. Work from a template or use your own custom designs.

Concierge Design Services
We can design and implement everything for one simple price.

Custom Website Navigation, Homepage, Product Grid-view, Product Detail pages, Search page, Shopping cart, Checkout, and more.
All Mobile Ready. Front and Backend.
Every deployment is mobile ready out of the box. Our Responsive theme, works on any size device.
No extra fees.
  • No App or separate website.
  • All the same content, no duplicate management.
  • Completely Customizable
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Robust, Online Administration
Full Backend Admin.
  • 100% Online
  • Order Management
  • User/Account Management
  • Catalog and Catalog Control
  • Content and File Access
  • Pricing, Sales, Offers & Promo's
  • Reporting, Import & Export tools
  • Configuration and more
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User & Account Management
Manage your Users from the admin panel without having to jump through hoops.

  • View, Add, Edit, and Search
  • Import & Export Data
  • Order, Line-item, & more Reports
  • Create and manage Quotes
  • Pricing control and lookups
  • Impersonate Users
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Easy to Use
Non-technical user interfaces for content and overarching control of your website.

  • WYSIWYG editors
  • Upload images and files
  • Dozens of content widgets
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Manage Blog posts
  • SEO friendly across the board
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Sales Orders & Quotes
Merchandising flexibility
Every category and product is capable of being loaded with rich and unique, dynamic or static content.

  • Create Categories and Subs
  • Unlimited Products
  • Omni Category placement
  • Dynamic and responsive search
  • Multiple images, links , files, videos
  • Cross-reference and relational data
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