Future-Proof Features

We are constantly improving expanding adapting evolving

Bleeding Edge eCommerce

7cart eCommerce is a flexible and tailored eCommerce Solution for serious merchants of any size. We are constantly updating and improving our solution to fit specific customer needs, so it is constantly in a state of evolution.

Order Management Features

New Sales Order in under 30 seconds! Select an existing customer or create one on the fly, add line items from order history or via lightning fast searches, and make adjustments… all online from any device with a browser  

New Sales Order in under 30 seconds! Select an existing customer or create one on the fly, add line items from order history or via lightning fast searches, and make adjustments… all online from any device with a browser  


Electronic EDI and Order Fulfillment

Use one of the many integrated distributors and send orders electronically from our platform with instant acknowledgements, shipping updates, and invoices.

Unlimited Vendors

Use your own vendors and purchase orders electronically.

1 Click Order Transmission

Our BIG BLUE BUTTON allows you to send purchase orders to your suppliers with one click.

Multi-Vendor line item pricing

Beyond flexible! One product can be tied to as many vendors/suppliers as you need. Each vendor-line item association includes: cost, inventory, UOM, order minimums.

Dynamic Ordering Capabilities

Advanced purchasing for the stocking dealer that utilizes the wholesaler carton source programs or wants more ordering options related to stocked items.

Bulk ordering and Sourcing Intelligence

Leveraging the real-time vendor data, source bulk orders from similar locations to save money and time.

Unlimited Sales

Process as many orders as you want and never worry about being charged extra

Quickbooks or any other system

That’s right, you can continue using your existing Accounting service or ERP.

Bulk ordering and Sourcing Intelligence

Integrate with your system - from A-Z we’ve got you covered. API, CRM, EDI, ERP… AX dynamics, Epicor, Infor, Intuit, NAV, Netsuite, SAP, Sage, and SOO many more.

Built-in Tax Solutions

Manage your taxes on your own easily or sign up with an integrated third party

Role-based Permissions

Role-based groups and workflows gives administrators control over who has the right to see and edit different parts of the website admin panel.

SEO Friendly

Utilize and access all of the on-page elements such as page title, meta tag keywords, meta tag descriptions, meta titles and more to make sure your pages rank well in the results on all search engines.

File Manager

Manage the use of rich content across your site using Logicblock's file manager, enabling you to store, share and recycle content and files easily.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages you want and edit them to your liking. Add in images, content or forms easily using our content management system.

User Management

Unlimited Customers

Have 1 customer or 9 million customers, there are no limits on how many you can have

Order Approval

The order approval process allows a given customer to be setup to need approval from one or more managers before it is authorized to be processed.

Price Rules

Set price rules and assign them to customers or groups of customers giving them access to that price level when logged in. You can even set criteria rules for pricing the entire catalog or an entire category

User Exports

Easily export your entire user list into a spreadsheet for easy mass editing

Address Books

Customers have an address book where they can easily manage and keep track of as many billing and shipping addresses as they want


Customers with multiple departments or reps can set up users underneath their main account with separate login information that allows for order approval hierarchy

Restricted/Private Products

Restrict certain products to certain customers if you want them to be invisible. Make products private so that they are only visible to certain customers.

Customer Discounts

Create discounts as you see fit, including percentages and dollar amounts. Both global and customer level coupons.

Minimum Quantities and Discounts

Place minimum order quantities on items or discounts for bulk orders. Set your own parameters and show it on the product pages.


Stocked products

Set yourself up as a vendor for products you ship from in-house.

Real-time Integrated Vendor data

Lookup and compare costs and inventory from different vendor accounts and distribution centers.

Import/Export Products

Export your products into an easily editable spreadsheet for mass changes or to use in another sales channel.

Custom Products

Create your own products easily either one at a time or in bulk through an import

Product Variants

Set up your own options for color, size, material and more - each with their own price and information.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Increase sale volume by suggesting relevant products right on the shopping cart or product page.

Product Types and Type Properties

Use product types and type properties to infinitely create any additional product attributes for your products. There are no limitations.

Product Reviews

Our reviews system allows your customers to leave reviews on your products. Optionally, use a third party to load reviews for all of your products.


Fuzzy Search

Everybody makes mistakes. Logicblock's third party search tools cater to spelling errors or typos and still delivers the same results. For multiple search passes, fuzziness can be applied to some and not others thus promoting exact matches above fuzzy matches for example.

Intelligent Search Suggestions

With our third party search tools, show suggestions based on a framework that has been configured for you with all the pitfalls in mind. Logical results are delivered immediately - the search tools don't rely on a history of previous searches to build its intelligence.

Search Rankings

Use search rankings to determine what order searched products are displayed in according to relevance or whatever you'd like to push.

Partial Keyword Matches

Match anywhere within a given keyword rather than just the start, meaning more matches are returned. For example a search for "phone" would return "iPhone" and "smartphone" as well

Consistent Results

Get more consistent and accurate results with the removal of stop words like "i", "to" "and" and "the".


Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics tools to aid you in driving real-time business impact with critical metrics for orders, customer data, marketing and more through the Loigicblock Reports dashboard.

Excel Export

Export any report into excel for ease of access. It's your data and you deserve to have access to it.

Line Item Order Details

Granular order details reports that include line items for each order.