Court Street Office Supplies

When we opened our business almost 40 years ago on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, we believed the neighborhood needed the kind of office supply store that could cater to the volume of courthouses, law firms, schools, and residences in the area. As an independent stationery store, we offered customers flexibility, variety, and a personal touch.

For many years we served a growing community of businesses, schools, and families. Court Street Office Supplies became an anchor in the neighborhood, and we adapted our inventory to the broad range of customers we served; it’s how we became known as “Brooklyn’s favorite place to browse.” Times have changed, and with the evolution of online sales, Court Street Office Supplies has changed with them. We dedicate ourselves to providing personal through our online and telephone sales departments, with same-day delivery. And we have a Customer Service Center in Gowanus, Brooklyn, so local customers can pick up and order at their convenience.

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