Concierge Service

Membership Program

As you would expect with a concierge service, you will get premium phone support and consultation, along with design and development services on a monthly basis. With your concierge membership we will keep your site fresh with professionally designed content, graphics and banners, beautiful email templates, and much more

Per month
$300 Per month
6 x Custom Image Designs (Banner/Rotator/Slider/Sidebar Images)
Landing/Promotional/Category Page Design
Email/Print Template Design
Seasonal Theme Adjustment/Background
Blog Post Design
Phone Support Incident for minor support issues
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Janet and Andy Todd – Snap Supplies

“Logicblock provided an existing platform with lots of capabilities that we could take advantage of immediately. We also like that it handled all the content from our first-call wholesaler. Once they grow accustomed to the system they can go in and control everything. They can change users, add new users, set budgets and pull purchase reports and purchase history.”
Andy Todd – VP of sales

“The office supply side of our business had exploded and we needed a better vehicle, Logicblock made that possible. We had just started to sell the full office supplies catalog. You can set up your dashboard on the back end to track whatever you want. It lets me know if our pricing is high, low or just right. This is a great benefit.”
Janet Todd – President

Joel Zupnick –

Logicblock has invented E-commerce like never before, since switching over to them nothing seems to be impossible to implement!

From their superb backend that makes managing and processing orders a true breeze, to their amazing and dedicated technical service that nothing seems to be impossible, to their wonderful platforms and design capabilities, it makes them your “GO TO” E-commerce solution!

Eric Houtkooper – Supply Geeks

“Choosing Logicblock is a wise decision for any e-commerce company with plans for growth. Launching a new online brand is never an easy task. However, with the help of Logicblock, hit the ground running and we’ve never looked back.

Logicblock has a solid technology framework for e-commerce success firmly in place, and their web team was able to integrate our custom designs quickly and expertly.

Their 7cart e-commerce platform deftly manages our enormous product selection with ease and we have been impressed with their fast and courteous support. As continues to grow, we look forward to a close working relationship with the Logicblock team.”

ICC Business Products

“Alex and others at Logicblock,

I wanted to write and express how happy we’ve been with your partnership and with your 7cart eCommerce solution. With our world the way it is, we simply MUST have a great web presence. Having an outdated website does not work to grow your business – particularly in the office products industry.

Being in the office supply industry there are thousands of items, with product additions, deletions, changes, and corrections daily. The way your site connects with your wholesaler to make all these changes for us, in real time, is invaluable! Knowing that I can confidently send customers to our website and explain that we can get whatever they find there, that it will be an easy experience to search and navigate, and knowing there will be more than enough product detail for them gives all of us here a great peace of mind.

Also for those items that we sell that are not stocked by our wholesaler, your solution has proven to be extremely flexible. We can add whatever items we need to.”

John Jordan – Zerbee

“I’ve been working with Logicblock for over four years and can say that I highly recommend their services.

Through multiple, complex products Logicblock and their staff have always delivered above and beyond our expectations. If you’re serious about an ecommerce presence you must consider Logicblock.”

Kenn Fischburg – CEO –

While Fischburg says the big box stores land at highest positions in Google, when it comes to navigating the website and the quality of its design, Logicblock has put SupplyTime on a level playing ground.

“The result has been close to dramatic,” says Fischburg. “The electronic relationship Logicblock has with United Stationers means we have a constant stream of updates. This is of tremendous value, saving us time, resources and headaches.”

Greg Pierce – Zuma Office Supply

“Logicblock provides a solid solution for a quality B to C website with knowledgeable, responsive service and support. They are flexible, proactive, and a valued partner.”

Bob Doyle – Office Supply Hut

“I have been in e-commerce since 2006, and have tried a slew of e-commerce platforms. I finally found the gem; easy to use, fast, functional, and the support is exceptional. Thank you Logicblock.”