7 Reasons to Use 7cart

In the current Internet landscape, it is critical to find an eCommerce provider that will help you expand your online presence while staying competitive.

Here are 7 reasons why your company should utilize the 7cart solution.

We Are Mobile

Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers use their mobile phone to shop? 7cart is mobile ready. With the click of a button you can activate the mobile design.
There is no separate mobile website as we use a hybrid of responsive and adaptive techniques. Furthermore you have the ability to customize the design
of your mobile site. Best of all? This feature is free for all Logicblock customers.

SEO Bells and Whistles

The 7cart system takes SEO very seriously and you will seldom run into any drawbacks or limitations. We built our system with SEO in mind, so our websites
will be properly indexed by search engines. Here are some of the highlighted SEO features we have built in:

  • Search-friendly URLs, with the ability to easily customize them using our URL Rewrite Tool
  • Custom title tags and meta data can be placed in all pages, including products, categories, and custom pages
  • Auto-generated HTML Site Map for display on site
  • XML Sitemap generators
  • Auto-generated Alt Tags for images, which are editable
  • 301 redirect engine
  • Upload your own custom robots.txt file

Plus the solution is Mobile-Ready, which is now a very large factor in SEO rankings.

Don’t forget that content marketing is crucial for any successful SEO strategy. The 7cart system provides 2 ways to add rich content to your website:

  • You can create unlimited static content pages which are best used to highlight any services you provide.
  • Our built in blog allows you to create content such as articles, infographics, video blogs, quizzes and more right into your eCommerce website, thus
    establishing you as a subject matter expert in your industry.

We Get Google

Whatever Google does tends to change the search landscape so we pay attention to all of the products, services and tools which can help our clients better
sell their products online. In addition to all the SEO techniques you can deploy for better organic results in Google, our system is integrated with
the following Google Products:

  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools: measure key metrics for traffic, visitors, pages, sales and more.
  • Google Merchant Feeds: easily export all of your product data in the required Google format to run on Google shopping  (or commonly referred to
    as PLAS – Product Listing Ads).
  • Google AdWords and Remarketing: the 7cart platform easily supports the addition of Google AdWords conversion and remarketing codes.
  • Google Trusted Store: Being a Google Trusted Store reassures shoppers that you’ll provide a great customer experience. And it’s entirely free.

Management and Reporting

7cart focuses not only on business to consumer relations, but also on business to business relations. The platform is enhanced for B2B customer functionality
to help mitigate the unique challenges of operating in the B2B space. Manage catalogs, ordering them by manufacturer, type or even user rating, as
well as create contract pricing and assign purchasing administrator roles and approval processes. The batch editing features allows you to edit multiple
products at one time. The User Management system stores all customer data for later use, adding to the user-friendliness of the solution. The Order
Management system was designed to be streamlined or controlled depending upon the preference of the business owner. Automatically send out order emails,
updates, and even flag suspicious orders, as easy as 1-2-3.  

Security and Reliability

Don’t spend time worrying about the security or reliability of your website. First, 7cart stores are PCI compliant, and our hosting data center employs
triple-strength security, which covers all three critical security areas: physical security; operational security; and system security. Our data center
employs hacker deterrent security provisioning, daily backups, redundant network architectures, and hardware firewalls. Spammers and hackers don’t
stand a chance! Our solution blocks malicious traffic, locks multiple failed login attempts, and even has IP Blocking security features. Built for
speed and reliability, in addition to having a better than 99.9% uptime track record, 7cart can handle large, consistent traffic without batting an
eyelash, so we have you covered no matter how big and successful your business becomes.

Integrate Distributors and Partners

Logicblock specializes in forging relationships between wholesale distributors of goods and their dealers. The company can customize this platform to provide
a total solution for distributors who are searching for an eCommerce solution for their dealers. The distributor/dealer can gain catalog management,
inventory management, EDI capabilities, order management, content services, and total integration. Both the wholesaler and distributor can gain from
this symbiotic relationship with reduced overhead costs and time saved. Our clients also have the ability to upload private label items or other vendor
product data at any time through our product upload tool.

Superior Support

Logicblock offers superior customer service for any need that you may have. If there are any necessary updates or general changes to the online landscape,
whether in regards to functionality or reporting, the company will work hands-on with you to better adapt moving forward. The simple fact of knowing
someone, through our online support system, will walk you through the entire process will ease your mind and allow you to focus on other organizational
needs. We also offer a robust knowledge base where you will find numerous articles and videos explaining
all of the features and benefits of our system.

If you’re interested in learning more about what 7cart has to offer contact us today.

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